Calories in Beer List – Beer Calories and Carbs in Beer, The Comprehensive Guide

The Most Comprehensive Guide to Calories in Beer and Carbs in Beer  

Whether you’re on a diet or just curious about the calories in beer or the carbs in beer, this information is nearly impossible to come by today. Most breweries don’t provide, and often don’t even know, the number of calories in beer they brew. Fortunately though, using a few basic assumptions and information that many breweries do provide, we can achieve a relatively accurate calculation of the calories in beer and the carbs in beer. Countless hours of data collection and calculations have finally brought you this, the most comprehensive guide to beer calories and beer carbs available.

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How We Calculate Beer Calories and Carbs

Calories in beer come from two primary sources: alcohol and carbs, thus to determine the number of calories in a specific beer we simply need to know these two things. Alcohol is always provided, and we can often determine carbs in beer using other information provided by breweries. Check out the calculations page for more details.

Contribute! Beer Calories and Carbs Database Updates

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