The Comprehensive List of Calories in Beer

The Most Comprehensive List of Calories in Beer and Carbs in Beer  

Whether you’re on a diet or just curious about how many calories and carbs are in your pint of beer, this information is nearly impossible to come by today. Countless hours of data collection and calculations have finally brought you the most comprehensive list of beer calories and carbs anywhere.

Most breweries don’t provide, and often don’t even know, the nutrition data for their beers. Fortunately though, using a few basic assumptions and information that many breweries do provide (like ABV and O.G.), we can achieve a relatively accurate calculation of this information.

23rd Street BreweryCrimson Phog6.10188.916.5
23rd Street BreweryWave the Wheat Ale5.20159.113.9
23rd Street BreweryBitter Professor7.20219.118.0
23rd Street BreweryRock Chalk Raspberry Wheat5.20159.113.9
A1A AleworksKing Street Light Lager3.60109.39.8
A1A AleworksPorpoise Point IPA6.00196.018.6
A1A AleworksBridges of Lions Brown Ale5.20167.215.8
A1A AleworksRed Brick Ale5.40174.816.6
A1A AleworksA. Strange Stout5.60199.221.3
Abita Brewing CompanyAmber4.50128.010.0
Abita Brewing CompanyGolden4.20125.010.0
Abita Brewing CompanyJockamo6.50190.013.0
Abita Brewing CompanyLight4.00118.08.0
Abita Brewing CompanyPurple Haze4.20128.011.0
Abita Brewing CompanyRestoration5.00167.015.0
Abita Brewing CompanyTurbodog5.60168.015.0
Abita Brewing CompanyMardi Gras Bock6.50187.016.0
Abita Brewing CompanyRed Ale5.20151.011.0
Abita Brewing CompanyWheat4.20125.010.0
Abita Brewing CompanyFall Fest5.40167.015.0
Abita Brewing CompanyStrawberry4.20128.011.0
Abita Brewing CompanyPecan5.00150.011.0
Abita Brewing CompanySatsuma5.10155.011.0
Abita Brewing CompanyAbbey Ale8.00230.018.0
Abita Brewing CompanyAndygator8.00235.019.0
Abita Brewing CompanySave Our Shore7.00200.015.0
AC Golden Brewing CompanyColorado Native5.50166.314.4
Against the Grain BreweryCitra Ass Back Down7.60235.119.7
Against the Grain BreweryDude Do Tang5.50169.414.9
Against the Grain BrewerySmell the Rug4.70169.118.7
Against the Grain BreweryBeerknuckle Bockser6.20214.121.8
Against the Grain BreweryOne Please Wheat Two4.80160.516.2
Against the Grain BreweryBay and Pepper Your Bretts6.80186.412.5
Alaskan Brewing CompanyAmber5.30180.618.5
Alaskan Brewing CompanyPale5.20153.712.6
Alaskan Brewing CompanyIPA6.20189.216.0
Alaskan Brewing CompanyWhite5.30157.213.0
Alaskan Brewing CompanyStout5.70222.826.3
Alaskan Brewing CompanySummer Ale5.30157.213.0
Alaskan Brewing CompanyWinter Ale6.40224.323.2
Alaskan Brewing CompanyBlack IPA6.40220.222.2
Alaskan Brewing CompanySmoked Porter6.50231.924.4
Alaskan Brewing CompanyPerseverance Ale9.00326.233.1
Alaskan Brewing CompanyBaltic Porter9.80353.335.0
Alaskan Brewing CompanyBarley Wine10.70363.032.5
Alaskan Brewing CompanyRaspberry Wheat6.50199.917.1
Alaskan Brewing CompanyDouble Black IPA8.50302.830.4
Alaskan Brewing CompanyImperial IPA8.50269.523.0
Alaskan Brewing CompanyBirch Bock8.50286.126.7
AleSmith Brewing CompanyWee Heavy10.00335.430.0
AleSmith Brewing CompanySpeedway Stout12.00393.332.3
AleSmith Brewing CompanyOld Numbskull11.00366.331.6
AleSmith Brewing CompanyGrand Cru10.50320.924.3
AleSmith Brewing CompanyHorny Devil11.00331.824.2
AleSmith Brewing CompanyLi’l Devil5.50172.115.5
AleSmith Brewing CompanyNut Brown Ale5.00173.918.3
AleSmith Brewing CompanyAnvil ESB5.50187.819.1
AleSmith Brewing CompanyX5.50179.917.3
AleSmith Brewing CompanyYule Smith9.50290.822.7
AleSmith Brewing CompanyMy Bloody Valentine6.66223.321.7
AleSmith Brewing CompanyEvil Dead Red6.66223.321.7
AlltechKentucky Ale5.30157.711.5
AlltechKentucky Light4.00124.08.7
AlltechKentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale8.20190.016.4
Alpine Beer CompanyAlpine Ale5.50179.917.3
Alpine Beer CompanyMcIlhenney’s Irish Red6.00189.917.2
Alpine Beer CompanyPure Hoppiness8.00242.719.4
Alpine Beer CompanyMandarin Nectar6.50199.917.1
Alpine Beer CompanyCaptain Stout6.00201.819.9
Alpine Beer CompanyDuet7.00218.118.8
Alpine Beer CompanyWilly4.90154.814.4
Alpine Beer CompanyExponential Hoppiness10.75320.022.9
Alpine Beer CompanyNelson7.00218.118.8
Amherst Brewing CompanyAce in the Hole Pilsner4.50145.414.0
Amherst Brewing CompanyCascade IPA5.30187.518.8
Amherst Brewing CompanyHoney Pilsner5.20183.118.6
Amherst Brewing CompanyPuffers Smoked Porter4.60176.819.8
Amherst Brewing CompanyMassatucky Brown5.25182.717.9
Amherst Brewing CompanyNorth Pleasant Pale Ale5.25174.416.1
Amherst Brewing CompanyTwo Sisters Imperial Stout6.70236.922.6
Amherst Brewing CompanyBankers Gold5.20174.916.8
Amherst Brewing CompanyBelgian Tripel8.50306.133.2
Amherst Brewing CompanyChocolate Porter5.50191.119.9
Amherst Brewing CompanyGraduation Ale5.50174.916.8
Amherst Brewing CompanyHalf in the Bagpipe7.20261.525.2
Amherst Brewing CompanyHeather Ale5.40182.217.1
Amherst Brewing CompanyIncarcerator Dopplebock6.80253.023.9
Amherst Brewing CompanyLewmeister Oktoberfest5.40198.920.8
Amherst Brewing CompanyPatch Porter5.40183.619.4
Amherst Brewing CompanyPatriots Pilsner4.80167.716.5
Amherst Brewing CompanyPumpkin Ale5.00175.818.3
Amherst Brewing CompanyRaspberry Brown Ale4.90184.120.1
Amherst Brewing CompanyRyeteous Red4.60161.417.6
Amherst Brewing CompanySalamander Crossing Lager5.20168.617.9
Amherst Brewing CompanySeeing Double7.20249.122.6
Amherst Brewing CompanySuper Stout6.00221.521.9
Amherst Brewing CompanyWedding Witte5.20174.916.8
Amherst Brewing CompanyWorkingman’s Wheat4.90167.716.5
Amherst Brewing CompanyESB5.35190.519.0
Amherst Brewing CompanyMuddy Brook Maibock5.70206.321.2
Amherst Brewing CompanyBlack Dog IPA5.00180.819.4
Amherst Brewing CompanyCoirm Irish Red5.30173.116.1
Arkose BreweryWillow Extra Pale Ale5.20169.316.3
Arkose BreweryLone Tree IPA5.10165.715.9
Arkose BreweryBoxcar Porter5.30165.014.8
Arkose BreweryBitter Earth ESB5.00162.215.6
Arkose BreweryButterfly Blonde5.00127.57.5
Arkose BreweryStarry Night Pale Ale4.86147.212.8
Arkose BreweryWild Wind IPA5.60171.714.9
Arkose BreweryBlue Skies Golden Ale5.70187.018.0
Ass Kisser AlesDouble IPA7.75234.618.8
Ass Kisser AlesSmoked Porter8.00216.213.5
Ass Kisser AlesVanilla Pale Ale5.50174.416.0
Ass Kisser AlesAmerican Style Hefeweizen5.80190.018.2
Ass Kisser AlesStrawberry Belgian Style Wit5.80165.112.4
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantGold Country Pilsner5.00168.017.0
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantGold Digger IPA6.30213.721.2
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantFool’s Gold Ale7.80229.117.4
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantAuburn Export Lager5.00148.412.4
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantPU 240 Imperial IPA8.00246.920.4
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantAmerican River Pale Ale5.70182.016.8
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantOld Town Brown3.80140.016.2
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantShanghai Stout4.80182.021.2
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantRoute 40 Red5.50164.513.7
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & Restaurant“Lil” Digger Session IPA5.20167.215.8
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantBlack Lassie – Dark Lager5.00169.617.3
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantOld Prospector10.00347.332.6
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantMcFord’s Irish Red Ale4.20154.617.7
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantMiner’s Wheat5.00159.815.0
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantRye Not?5.10159.414.5
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantOktoberfest Marzen5.20205.724.8
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantSierra Gold Single Hop5.50174.416.0
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantCalifornium IPA7.00224.120.2
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantNorthwest IPA6.70212.218.9
Auburn Alehouse Brewery & RestaurantPlacer Porter5.00189.622.0
Avery Brewing CompanyIPA6.50192.015.2
Avery Brewing CompanyWhite Rascal5.60163.913.1
Avery Brewing CompanyEllie’s Brown Ale5.50187.819.1
Avery Brewing CompanyOut of Bounds Stout6.30220.622.8
Avery Brewing CompanyJoe’s Premium American Pilsner4.70132.510.0
Avery Brewing CompanyNew World Porter6.70219.120.5
Avery Brewing CompanyKarma5.40156.912.4
Avery Brewing CompanyOld Jubilation8.30249.719.6
Avery Brewing CompanyHog Heaven9.20291.924.5
Avery Brewing CompanyThe Reverend10.00289.019.9
Avery Brewing CompanySalvation9.00259.518.3
Avery Brewing CompanyThe Maharaja10.30308.922.7
Avery Brewing CompanyThe Kaiser10.03288.919.7
Avery Brewing CompanyThe Czar10.57367.834.2
Avery Brewing CompanySamael’s16.45486.428.6
Avery Brewing CompanyThe Beast16.83485.126.4
Avery Brewing CompanyMephistopheles’16.80485.226.6
Avery Brewing CompanyUncle Jacob’s Stout17.42506.527.6
Avery Brewing CompanyRumpkin15.90488.331.8
Avery Brewing CompanyAnniversary Edition8.23233.716.3
Avery Brewing CompanyduganA8.50257.220.2
Backcountry BreweryWheeler Wheat4.60153.115.4
Backcountry BreweryPtarmigan Pilsner4.70152.814.8
Backcountry BreweryTelemark IPA5.60190.719.3
Backcountry BrewerySwitchback Amber5.38183.218.7
Backcountry BreweryPeak One Robust Porter6.00197.719.0
Barrio Brewing CompanyTucson Blonde4.53137.212.3
Bayhawk AlesImperial Brown Ale7.20237.023.1
Bayhawk AlesHoney Blonde Ale5.40183.018.8
Bayhawk AlesHefeweizen4.90164.016.2
Bayhawk AlesBayhawk IPA5.75194.019.5
Bayhawk AlesCalifornia Pale Ale4.80161.016.7
Bayhawk AlesChocolate Porter6.70226.023.3
Bayhawk AlesAmber Ale5.50188.019.1
Bayhawk AlesBeach Blonde3.70123.020.3
Beaver Beer CompanyBlonde4.50145.414.1
Beaver Beer CompanyBrewnette5.00168.017.0
Beaver Beer CompanyBig Red6.00206.221.0
Bell’s BreweryAmber Ale5.80186.717.4
Bell’s BreweryTwo Hearted Ale7.00214.117.9
Bell’s BreweryPale Ale5.20165.415.4
Bell’s BreweryPorter5.60183.517.7
Bell’s BreweryKalamazoo Stout6.00213.722.7
Bell’s BreweryThird Coast Beer4.80159.115.8
Bell’s BreweryLager Beer5.00166.116.5
Bell’s BreweryOarsman Ale4.00131.213.1
Bell’s BreweryWinter White Ale5.00173.918.3
Bell’s BreweryOberon Ale5.80190.618.3
Bell’s BreweryBest Brown Ale5.80202.521.1
Bell’s BreweryCherry Stout7.00287.434.6
Bell’s BrewerySpecial Double Cream Stout6.10261.833.3
Bell’s BreweryJava Stout7.50256.725.1
Bell’s BreweryThird Coast Old Ale10.20343.230.7
Bell’s BreweryExpedition Stout10.50394.240.3
Bell’s BreweryConsecrator Dopplebock8.00279.627.8
Bell’s BreweryOctoberfest5.50187.819.1
Bell’s BreweryHopslam10.00297.421.7
Bell’s BreweryHell Hath No Fury Ale7.70309.836.1
Bell’s BreweryThe Oracle Double IPA10.00301.622.6
Bell’s BreweryChristmas Ale5.50195.721.0
Bell’s BrewerySparkling Ale9.00251.316.5
Bell’s BreweryQuinannan Falls Special Lager6.50176.311.6
Bell’s BreweryBlakc Note Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout11.50399.536.2
Bell’s Brewery25th Anniversary Ale8.50290.227.6
Bell’s BreweryBatch 900012.50413.734.0
Bell’s BreweryThe Wild One Ale7.00190.212.4
Bell’s BreweryLe Batteur Ale6.00170.212.6
Bell’s BreweryLe Contrebassiste Ale7.00206.116.0
Bell’s BreweryLe Pianiste Ale6.50184.113.4
Bell’s BreweryKalamazoo Hopsoulution Ale8.20233.816.5
Bell’s BreweryRye Stout6.50240.026.3
Bell’s BreweryHarry Magill’s Spiced Stout8.00210.412.2
Bell’s BrewerySmoked Stout7.50228.318.7
Bell’s BreweryOatmeal Stout7.00230.121.5
Bell’s BreweryTrumpeter’s Stout5.60183.517.7
Bell’s BreweryMilk Stout5.50187.819.1
Bell’s BreweryBatch 100009.20296.125.4
Bell’s BreweryWedding Ale8.00214.413.1
Bent River Brewing CompanyUncommon Stout6.50171.610.5
Bent River Brewing CompanyPale Ale5.99153.38.7
Bent River Brewing CompanyOatmeal Stout6.50172.110.7
Bent River Brewing CompanyAmerican Wheat4.81115.95.6
Bent River Brewing CompanyMississippi Blonde4.29102.85.0
Bent River Brewing CompanyJalapeno Pepper Ale4.81115.95.6
Berkley Beer CompanyBerkley IPA7.00194.113.3
Berkley Beer CompanyGolden Ale5.00143.611.2
Big River Grille & Brewing WorksSouthern Flyer Light Lager3.60109.39.8
Big River Grille & Brewing WorksGadzooks Pilsner5.00159.815.0
Big River Grille & Brewing WorksSteamboat Pale Ale5.50174.416.0
Big River Grille & Brewing WorksRocket Red Ale5.60182.317.4
Big River Grille & Brewing WorksSweet Magnolia American Brown Ale5.20167.215.8
Big River Grille & Brewing WorksSummer Wheat4.30130.211.4
Black Bear MicrobrewGearhead Ale4.50152.615.9
Black Bear MicrobrewPail Ale5.60178.915.7
Black Bear MicrobrewBlack Bear Stout5.10173.918.4
Black Bear MicrobrewLiquid Sunshine Ale5.10150.612.9
Black Bear MicrobrewIchabod Ale6.00186.316.8
Black Bear MicrobrewBad Omen IPA7.50228.819.5
Black Bear MicrobrewVoodoo Porter6.30192.716.4
Black Bear MicrobrewTree Tugger Barley Wine8.80305.929.6
Black Diamond Brewing CompanyWinter Ale7.20221.318.5
Black Diamond Brewing CompanyGrand Cru8.00250.821.3
Blackfoot River Brewing CompanySingle Malt IPA6.80207.017.9
Blackfoot River Brewing CompanyDouble Black Diamond Extreme Stout7.50238.021.5
Blackfoot River Brewing CompanyAmber Ale5.50171.015.4
Blackfoot River Brewing CompanyTartanic Scottish Ale6.65219.021.5
Blackfoot River Brewing CompanyNorth Fork Organic Porter6.80214.019.8
Blackfoot River Brewing CompanyBlue Collar Bitter6.40186.014.7
Blackfoot River Brewing CompanyCream Ale4.90162.015.7
Blackfoot River Brewing CompanyOrganic Pale Ale (O.P.A.)5.60181.017.4
Blackfoot River Brewing CompanyBelgian IPA6.00186.817.0
Blackfoot River Brewing CompanySteamboat Lager5.60189.019.2
Blackfoot River Brewing CompanyKolsch Style Ale5.30153.011.6
Blackfoot River Brewing CompanyWoollybugger Wheat5.90180.015.9
Blackfoot River Brewing CompanyOktoberfest Lager6.00194.018.8
Blue Cat Brew PubWigged Pig Wheat5.00137.212.3
Blue Cat Brew PubOff the Rail Pale Ale5.70166.116.6
Blue Cat Brew PubBig Bad Dog Old English Ale6.50232.725.6
Blue Cat Brew PubTucks Tenacious Trippel9.00243.120.2
Blue Cat Brew PubPhil6.00188.219.8
Blue Cat Brew PubMississippi Mocha Coffee Stout5.60206.026.6
Blue Frog Grog & GrillA Frog Kissin’ Pale Ale6.02196.218.4
Blue Frog Grog & GrillLuck o’ da Irish Stout6.00180.315.0
Blue Frog Grog & GrillPorter5.40169.615.1
Blue Frog Grog & GrillAttention! Attention!6.00173.915.3
Blue Frog Grog & GrillMaiBock!6.46187.214.2
Blue Frog Grog & GrillPoor Richard’s Ale6.00199.719.6
Blue Frog Grog & GrillDouble IPA7.89246.521.2
Blue Frog Grog & GrillOatmeal Stout7.87281.429.3
Blue Frog Grog & GrillFrog in the Rye Part Deux7.58203.912.9
Blue Frog Grog & GrillFroggenbock5.19208.624.8
Blue Frog Grog & GrillLa Rana Pazzo7.37203.113.7
Blue Frog Grog & GrillWalkin’ the Dog Brown Ale5.27152.812.1
Blue Frog Grog & GrillThe Froggy Bottom5.73176.415.4
Blue Frog Grog & GrillThe Frog’s Shadow5.49160.012.8
Blue Frog Grog & GrillThe Last Hop Standing5.10151.912.9
Boothbay Craft Brewery633 American Pale Ale6.33199.716.7
Boothbay Craft BreweryBlack Rocks Stout6.70210.217.2
Boulevard Brewing CompanyAmber5.10165.615.5
Boulevard Brewing CompanyUnfiltered Wheat4.40150.014.8
Boulevard Brewing CompanyPale Ale5.40162.615.1
Boulevard Brewing CompanySingle-Wide IPA5.70185.117.3
Boulevard Brewing CompanyBully! Porter5.40196.216.7
Boulevard Brewing CompanyDry Stout4.90145.514.3
Boulevard Brewing CompanyPilsner4.80134.612.0
Boulevard Brewing CompanyIrish Ale5.80181.416.0
Boulevard Brewing CompanyBoss Tom’s Golden Bock6.10187.115.9
Boulevard Brewing CompanyZON Belgian Style Witbier4.40142.914.4
Boulevard Brewing CompanyBob’s 47 Oktoberfest5.80181.416.0
Boulevard Brewing CompanyNutcracker Ale5.80221.121.3
Boulevard Brewing CompanyTank 7 Farmhouse Ale8.00238.818.3
Boulevard Brewing CompanyDouble-Wide IPA8.50253.119.3
Boulevard Brewing CompanyLong Strange Tripel9.00267.519.9
Boulevard Brewing CompanyThe Sixth Glass10.50307.121.6
Boulevard Brewing CompanyDark Truth Stout9.70302.727.6
Boulevard Brewing CompanyChocolate Ale9.10284.824.7
Boulevard Brewing CompanyTwo Jokers Double-Wit8.00244.322.3
Boulevard Brewing CompanyNommo Dubbel8.00239.719.8
Boulevard Brewing CompanyHarvest Dance Wheat Wine9.10275.424.9
Boulevard Brewing CompanyCollaboration #27.40235.820.8
Boulevard Brewing CompanyRye-on-Rye11.00324.523.0
Boulevard Brewing CompanyImperial Stout11.00322.032.4
Boulevard Brewing CompanySaison-Brett8.50234.118.1
Boulevard Brewing CompanyBourbon Barrel Quad11.80298.721.3
Boulevard Brewing CompanyLunar Ale5.10154.014.7
Boulevard Brewing CompanySeeyoulator Dopplebock8.50292.123.6
Boulevard Brewing CompanyCollaboration #18.00210.115.6
Boulevard Brewing Company21st Anniversary Fresh Hop Pale Ale7.40228.821.6
Bozeman Brewing CompanyBozone Select Amber Ale5.40165.813.5
Bozeman Brewing CompanyBozone Hefeweizen6.00188.616.0
Bozeman Brewing CompanyBozone Plum St. Porter6.00197.017.8
Bozeman Brewing CompanyHopzone IPA7.00235.019.6
Bozeman Brewing CompanyBelgian Style Wit-Bier5.30148.611.6
Bozeman Brewing CompanyWatershed Pale5.40166.114.1
Bozeman Brewing CompanyBuzz Kill Java Stout6.40221.921.3
Bozeman Brewing CompanyPumpkin Ale6.60180.611.4
Bozeman Brewing CompanyHarvestfest Lager6.20221.121.3
Bozeman Brewing CompanyTerroir Fresh Hop Ale7.00216.618.7
Bozeman Brewing CompanyPinhead Pils6.30177.614.4
Bozeman Brewing CompanyMaibock Lager7.70219.616.6
Bozeman Brewing CompanyMT Common6.50187.113.7
Bozeman Brewing CompanyHopsimellia Imperial IPA9.60303.722.6
Bozeman Brewing CompanyWee Nip Barley Wine11.90375.825.4
Bozeman Brewing CompanyThe Great One Double Red10.00312.622.4
Bozeman Brewing Company3rd Virtue Belgian Tripel10.30312.521.0
Bozeman Brewing CompanyFunky Virtue10.80337.525.0
Bozeman Brewing CompanyVienna Lager5.60206.922.1
Bozeman Brewing CompanyCascadian Dark Ale7.30242.422.8
Bozeman Brewing CompanySaison5.30148.911.0
Brooklyn BreweryLager5.20170.017.7
Brooklyn BreweryBrown Ale5.60190.025.3
Brooklyn BreweryPale Ale6.90200.023.7
Brooklyn BreweryPilsner5.10155.014.5
Brooklyn BreweryPennant Ale5.00180.017.0
Brooklyn BreweryBLAST!9.00251.018.9
Brooklyn BreweryBlack Chocolate Stout10.00320.025.0
Brooklyn BreweryWinter Ale6.00205.027.0
Brooklyn BreweryMonster Ale10.30305.035.2
Brooklyn BrewerySummer Ale5.00150.011.2
Brooklyn BreweryOktoberfest5.50175.018.7
Brooklyn BreweryLocal 19.00243.017.7
Brooklyn BreweryLocal 29.00242.017.7
Brooklyn BrewerySorachi Ace7.60208.014.6
Brooklyn BreweryBamboozle8.60220.014.8
Brooklyn BreweryBrooklyner-Schneider Hopfen-Weisse7.80266.625.8
Brooklyn BreweryMary’s Maple Porter7.50262.226.4
Brooklyn BreweryCuvee Noir8.70243.516.2
Brooklyn BreweryDetonation9.20311.628.8
Butchers BrewingHawaiin Stlye Pale Ale5.60171.714.9
Butchers BrewingDouble Shaka Imperial IPA10.00391.642.3
Cambridge Brewing CompanyCambridge Amber4.70159.316.3
Cambridge Brewing CompanyCharles River Porter6.00201.619.7
Cambridge Brewing CompanyRegatta Golden4.20130.512.0
Cambridge Brewing CompanyTall Tale Pale Ale5.70194.218.6
Cambridge Brewing CompanyCerise Cassée9.00252.017.6
Cambridge Brewing CompanyGreat Pumpkin Ale!4.40145.815.6
Cambridge Brewing CompanyGrey Ghost6.75215.219.6
Cambridge Brewing CompanyLarry Bird Haircut8.80272.622.2
Cambridge Brewing CompanyNom de Plum5.75167.213.0
Cape Cod BeerCape Cod Red5.50179.917.3
Cape Cod BeerCape Cod IPA6.00209.721.8
Cape Cod BeerCape Cod Beach Blonde Ale4.90150.913.4
Cape Cod BeerCape Cod Summer5.00170.017.4
Cape Cod BeerCape Cod Harvest5.00158.314.7
Cape Cod BeerCape Cod Porter5.50203.622.8
Cape Cod BeerBerry Merry Holiday Ale5.00181.720.2
Cape Cod BeerCape Cod Dunkel Weizen5.40180.317.9
Cape Cod BeerOld Man Winter7.00262.629.0
Cape Cod BeerBuster’s Brown Ale5.20177.118.1
Cape Cod BeerVanilla Bean Porter5.50203.622.8
Cape Cod BeerCherry Porter5.50203.622.8
Cape Cod BeerPort-O-Vino5.50203.622.8
Cape Cod BeerChristmas In July7.00262.629.0
Cape Cod BeerHot Blonde4.90150.913.4
Cape Cod BeerBitter End Imperial IPA8.30270.224.1
Cape Cod BeerStarGazer Stout5.00215.028.0
Cape Cod BeerStock Stout5.00215.028.0
Cape Cod BeerBohemian Pils5.64172.214.8
CAUTION: Brewing CompanyLao Wang Lager5.10162.315.7
CAUTION: Brewing CompanyHoney Matrimony Brown Ale5.90182.816.6
CAUTION: Brewing CompanyWild Blonde Ale4.60148.214.3
CAUTION: Brewing CompanyToaster Bat Black Smoked Robust Porter8.50283.227.9
Cigar City BrewingJai Alai IPA7.50253.224.3
Cigar City BrewingMaduro Brown Ale5.50191.119.9
Cigar City BrewingTocobaga Red Ale7.20254.326.1
Cigar City BrewingCubano-style Espresso Brown Ale5.50191.119.9
Cigar City BrewingWhite Oak-aged Jai Alai IPA7.50253.224.3
Cigar City BrewingJose Marti American Porter8.00269.525.5
Cigar City BrewingBolita Double Nut Brown Ale9.00321.832.1
Cigar City BrewingGuava Grove Farmhouse Ale8.00216.213.5
Cigar City BrewingImprov Oatmeal Rye India-style Brown Ale9.00284.223.8
Cigar City BrewingSugar Plum Brown Ale5.50191.119.9
Cigar City BrewingBig Sound Scotch Ale8.50342.939.4
Cigar City BrewingMarshal Zukov’s Imperial Stout11.00478.455.8
Cigar City BrewingGood Gourd Imperial Pumpkin Ale8.50323.635.1
Cigar City BrewingHumidor India Pale Ale7.50253.224.3
Cigar City BrewingHunahpu’s Imperial Stout11.00478.455.8
Cigar City BrewingFlorida Cracker Belgian Wit5.00159.815.0
Cigar City BrewingHillsborough River Dry Irish Stout5.50158.012.2
Cigar City BrewingOatmeal Raisin Cookie Brown Ale5.50191.119.9
Cigar City BrewingLigero Black Lager5.50182.718.0
Cigar City BrewingMinaret Extra Special Bitter5.00209.926.8
Cigar City BrewingTable Saison Low Gravity Farmhouse Ale5.00127.77.5
Cigar City BrewingEl Lector Dark English Mild4.00163.520.8
Cigar City BrewingPuppy’s Breath Robust Porter8.00251.421.4
Cigar City BrewingXenu Honey Cream Ale5.00159.815.0
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingCognac Stout6.50220.219.8
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingCherry Cider8.60217.110.3
Coopersmith’s Pub & Brewing#13 Apricot Ale5.20150.711.7
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingPunjabi Pale Ale6.80206.016.0
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingSigda’s Green Chile5.40169.512.8
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingSteamship Ale6.10175.413.1
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingTippet American Lager5.20152.810.6
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingPoudre Pale Ale5.30169.512.8
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingHanjabi6.80206.016.0
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingDunraven Ale5.60171.015.2
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingDark Knight HBA6.10194.514.0
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingColumbine Kolsch5.30151.811.2
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingCerveza del Verano5.30153.812.1
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingBiere Blanche du Fort4.70153.513.8
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingBruiser Imperial Brown7.80235.317.6
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingAlbert Damm Bitter4.80161.813.9
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingWhat A Melon5.00150.511.4
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingOpus Mega Alpha6.70198.313.1
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingHorsetooth Stout6.20220.219.8
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingIrish Stout4.50170.917.2
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingMarzen Lager5.80197.914.7
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingMountain Avenue Wheat5.30152.312.0
Coopersmith’s Pub & BrewingNot Brown Ale5.00175.317.4
Cosmic AlesHell Hound Brown5.30165.014.8
Cosmic Ales17765.70187.018.0
Cosmic AlesBagpipe Ale9.20321.331.0
Cosmic AlesCosmonaut5.00166.116.5
Cosmic AlesTulips On My Organ6.60199.616.5
Cottrell Brewing CompanyMystic Bridge IPA6.00201.619.7
Cottrell Brewing CompanyOld Yankee Ale5.00166.116.5
Crazy Mountain Brewing CompanyAmber Ale5.25173.016.9
Crazy Mountain Brewing CompanyLava Lake Wit5.20157.613.6
Crazy Mountain Brewing CompanyHorseshoes and Hand Grenades6.00201.819.9
Crazy Mountain Brewing CompanyMountain Livin’ Pale Ale5.70183.117.1
Crazy Mountain Brewing CompanyHookiebobb IPA6.70215.119.6
Crazy Mountain Brewing CompanyCara De Luna5.50191.720.1
Crazy Mountain Brewing CompanyOld Soul Strong Belgian Ale7.50236.420.5
Crazy Mountain Brewing CompanyLawyers, Guns & Money10.00310.024.5
Crazy Mountain Brewing CompanyScenic Route Kolsch5.00158.314.7
Crazy Mountain Brewing CompanySnowcat Coffee Stout5.90190.217.8
D.L. Geary Brewing CompanyPale Ale4.50156.316.6
D.L. Geary Brewing CompanyHampshire Ale7.00238.223.4
D.L. Geary Brewing CompanyLondon Porter4.20149.716.5
D.L. Geary Brewing CompanySummer Ale6.00201.819.9
D.L. Geary Brewing CompanyGeary’s IPA6.00201.819.9
D.L. Geary Brewing CompanyAutumn Ale5.80194.619.3
D.L. Geary Brewing CompanyWinter Ale6.00201.819.9
D.L. Geary Brewing CompanyOatmeal Stout5.10169.616.9
D.L. Geary Brewing CompanyHudson Red Ale4.80159.115.8
D.L. Geary Brewing CompanyGeary’s Imperial IPA8.20283.027.5
D.L. Geary Brewing CompanyWee Heavy Scottish Ale8.00275.526.8
Diamond Bear Brewing CompanyHoney Weiss4.26135.112.8
Diamond Bear Brewing CompanyIrish Red4.69174.119.9
Diamond Bear Brewing CompanyPale Ale4.96183.020.7
Diamond Bear Brewing CompanyParadise Porter4.99201.424.9
Diamond Bear Brewing CompanyPresidential IPA4.96215.228.2
Diamond Bear Brewing CompanyRocktoberfest4.78185.422.1
Diamond Bear Brewing CompanySouthern Blonde4.14154.818.0
Dragoon Brewing CompanyIPA7.30227.419.4
Dragoon Brewing CompanyStronghold Session Ale4.80152.414.3
Dragoon Brewing CompanyBlue Dragoon7.10170.37.4
Dragoon Brewing CompanyThe Uno – Russian Imperial Stout10.40324.525.6
DuClaw Brewing CompanyBad Moon Porter5.10184.220.3
DuClaw Brewing CompanyBare Ass Blonde Ale5.00168.017.0
DuClaw Brewing CompanyBlack Lightning6.40213.320.6
DuClaw Brewing CompanyEuForia5.00168.017.0
DuClaw Brewing CompanyHellrazer IPA7.50253.224.3
DuClaw Brewing CompanyMisfit Red5.10167.616.4
DuClaw Brewing CompanyMysterium5.00159.815.0
DuClaw Brewing CompanySerum XXIPA9.00293.525.8
DuClaw Brewing CompanyVenom Pale Ale5.60182.317.4
DuClaw Brewing Company13 Degrees4.80177.020.1
DuClaw Brewing Company315.70190.418.8
DuClaw Brewing CompanyAlchemy Oatmeal Stout5.50199.521.9
DuClaw Brewing CompanyBerserkr Baltic Porter8.00287.829.6
DuClaw Brewing CompanyBlack Jack Stout8.00306.533.8
DuClaw Brewing CompanyBlackout Schwarzbier5.00168.017.0
DuClaw Brewing CompanyCeltic Fury Irish Stout5.00168.017.0
DuClaw Brewing CompanyColossus21.00686.743.0
DuClaw Brewing CompanyConsecration American Brown Ale5.50179.417.2
DuClaw Brewing CompanyDeception Belgian Quad16.40314.9-5.4
DuClaw Brewing CompanyDevil’s Milk Barleywine11.00373.533.2
DuClaw Brewing CompanyDouble Naked Fish7.60252.923.7
DuClaw Brewing Companyel Guapo4.70152.814.8
DuClaw Brewing CompanyEnigma8.00297.131.7
DuClaw Brewing CompanyFunk4.50153.516.0
DuClaw Brewing CompanyIV Maibock6.20240.227.8
DuClaw Brewing CompanyKangaroo Love4.70152.814.8
DuClaw Brewing CompanyMad Bishop Oktoberfest5.80207.022.1
DuClaw Brewing CompanyMayhem Weizenbock7.50253.224.3
DuClaw Brewing CompanyMisery11.00324.322.6
DuClaw Brewing CompanyNaked Fish4.60161.317.3
DuClaw Brewing CompanyOld Flame Old Ale7.00237.323.2
DuClaw Brewing CompanyPax Nemesis11.00333.924.7
DuClaw Brewing CompanyRepent14.60488.138.6
DuClaw Brewing CompanyRetribution11.50361.728.1
DuClaw Brewing CompanySawtooth Belgian White Ale4.80160.516.2
DuClaw Brewing CompanySnake Oil Imperial Pilsner7.00211.117.2
DuClaw Brewing CompanySoul Jacker9.50329.631.3
DuClaw Brewing CompanyTwisted Kilt Scotch Ale7.50289.632.6
Due South Brewing CompanyCaramel Cream Ale5.00162.215.6
Due South Brewing CompanyCategory 3 Floriday Style IPA6.10209.321.2
Due South Brewing CompanyCategory 4 IPA7.70251.923.0
Due South Brewing CompanyCategory 5 IPA8.80280.824.0
Due South Brewing CompanyMariana Trench Imperial Stout9.60328.330.5
Due South Brewing CompanyRoasted Cocoa Stout6.10205.420.3
Due South Brewing CompanySouthern Saison5.60163.913.1
Due South Brewing CompanySouth Bound Brown5.60191.319.5
Due South Brewing CompanyCafé Ole Espresso Porter5.70194.919.8
Due South Brewing CompanyHoney Vanilla Wheat4.80155.214.9
Dundee Brewing CompanyKolsch-Style Ale5.10187.013.5
Dundee Brewing CompanyStout5.80235.420.2
Dundee Brewing CompanyEnglish-Style Ale5.10209.714.8
Dundee Brewing CompanyOktoberfest5.50208.123.9
Dundee Brewing CompanySummer Wheat4.50155.016.1
Dundee Brewing CompanyNut Brown Ale5.30238.520.3
Dundee Brewing CompanyIrish Red Lager5.00192.922.8
Dundee Brewing CompanyPale Bock Lager6.25231.225.5
Dundee Brewing CompanyPilsner4.85147.012.3
Dundee Brewing CompanyFestive Ale6.20222.723.8
Dundee Brewing CompanyPorter6.50256.930.2
Dundee Brewing CompanyPale Ale5.30191.821.1
Dundee Brewing CompanyIndia Pale Ale6.30229.324.8
Durango Brewing CompanyWheat Beer5.30165.214.9
Durango Brewing CompanyGolden Ale5.80183.316.6
Durango Brewing CompanyAmber Ale5.50167.814.5
Durango Brewing CompanyDark Lager5.80183.316.6
Durango Brewing CompanyDerail Ale8.50264.021.8
Durango Brewing CompanyPale Ale6.10188.916.5
Durango Brewing CompanyBlueberry Wheat Ale5.30165.214.9
Durango Brewing CompanyColorfest6.20197.017.9
Durango Brewing CompanyWinter Ale6.30201.718.5
Eagle Rock BrewerySolidarity Black Mild Ale3.80116.710.6
Eagle Rock BreweryManifesto Wit Bier5.70171.314.3
Eagle Rock BreweryRevolution Extra Pale Ale5.20157.613.6
Eagle Rock BreweryPopulist IPA7.00246.325.2
Eastern Shore BrewingSt. Michael’s Ale5.00158.414.8
Eastern Shore BrewingKnot So Pale Ale6.80207.718.5
Eastern Shore BrewingDuck Duck Goose Porter6.00172.015.4
Eastern Shore BrewingMagic Hefeweizen5.00151.614.4
Eel River Brewing CompanyOrganic Acai Berry Wheat Ale4.00123.411.3
Eel River Brewing CompanyOrganic Amber Ale4.80168.718.1
Eel River Brewing CompanyOrganic California Blonde Ale5.80165.112.4
Eel River Brewing CompanyOrganic IPA7.20210.416.1
Eel River Brewing CompanyOrganic Porter5.80190.018.2
Eel River Brewing CompanyOrganic Raven’s Eye Imperial Stout9.50358.937.8
Eel River Brewing CompanyOrganic Triple Exultation9.70368.138.7
Element Brewing CompanyExtra Special Oak7.75234.618.8
Element Brewing CompanyRed Giant8.10251.120.8
Element Brewing CompanyDark Element8.95277.022.4
Element Brewing CompanySummer Pilsner Fusion9.00255.017.3
Element Brewing CompanyAltoberfest8.35250.219.4
Element Brewing CompanyWinter Ion9.10283.823.2
Element Brewing CompanyLESO (Lavender Extra Special Oak)7.75234.618.8
Enegren Brewing CompanyValkyrie California Altbier6.20229.125.4
Enegren Brewing CompanyProtector Imperial IPA7.50267.725.7
Enegren Brewing CompanyDaniel Irons Oatmeal Stout8.60306.831.2
Enegren Brewing CompanyGolden Spur Saison6.70183.913.1
Enegren Brewing CompanyCaptain’s Summer Session4.90147.212.8
Enegren Brewing CompanyFoliage Pale Ale5.20169.616.8
Fairhope Brewing CompanyPainted Black IPA7.00238.223.4
Fairhope Brewing CompanyEveryday Ale3.80124.312.4
Fairhope Brewing CompanyFairhope 515.50172.115.5
Fairhope Brewing CompanySection Street Wheat5.00158.314.7
Fairhope Brewing Company(Take The) Causeway IPA6.50215.920.7
Fairhope Brewing CompanyRescue Dog Red Ale (Spring)7.80267.926.1
Fairhope Brewing CompanyLil Poison Brown Ale6.30236.726.5
Fairhope Brewing CompanyDouble Dry-Hopped 51 – Amarillo5.60179.516.7
Fairhope Brewing CompanyExtra Pale Single Hop – Centennial5.00170.017.4
Fairhope Brewing CompanyFairhope 2519.20334.033.8
Fairhope Brewing CompanyPineapple 515.50179.917.3
Fairhope Brewing CompanyThe Shady Side of Section Street5.20161.514.5
Fairhope Brewing CompanyFairhop #1 – The Bankhead Tunnel6.50223.922.6
Firehouse BreweryHefeweizen5.00166.013.8
Firehouse BreweryPale Ale5.80178.315.5
Firehouse BreweryRed Ale6.10188.816.3
Firehouse BreweryPorter5.30166.715.0
Flying Dog BreweryDoggy Style Classic Pale Ale5.50174.416.0
Flying Dog BreweryOld Scratch Amber Lager5.50182.718.0
Flying Dog BreweryTire Bite Golden Ale5.10151.312.6
Flying Dog BrewerySnake Dog IPA7.10202.214.7
Flying Dog BreweryRoad Dog Porter6.00189.317.0
Flying Dog BreweryIn-Heat Wheat4.70160.916.8
Flying Dog BreweryKujo Imperial Coffee Stout8.90322.232.7
Flying Dog BreweryRaging Bitch Belgian IPA8.30250.319.7
Flying Dog BreweryGonzo Imperial Porter9.20321.131.0
Flying Dog BreweryDouble Dog Double Pale Ale11.50351.826.0
Flying Dog BreweryHorn Dog Barley Wine10.20376.337.9
Flying Dog BreweryGarde Dog Biere de Garde5.50191.119.9
Flying Dog BreweryWood Creek Belgian White4.80155.615.0
Flying Dog BreweryDogtoberfest Marzen5.60190.719.3
Flying Dog BreweryK-9 Cruiser Winter Ale7.40218.316.9
Flying Dog BrewerySingle Hop Imperial IPA10.00289.920.1
Flying Dog BrewerySecret Stash Harvest Ale5.50191.119.9
Flying Dog BreweryBarrel-Aged Gonzo Imperial Porter9.20321.131.0
Free State Brewing CompanyCopperhead Pale Ale6.00189.917.2
Free State Brewing CompanyOatmeal Stout6.10205.420.3
Free State Brewing CompanyWheat State Golden5.10154.113.2
Free State Brewing CompanyAd Astra Ale5.60171.714.9
Free State Brewing CompanyOctoberfest5.40149.110.6
Free State Brewing CompanyBrinkley’s Maibock6.50221.622.1
Free State Brewing CompanyIron Man Imperial Stout8.40265.822.7
Galena Brewing CompanyRastafa-Rye Ale5.30176.817.6
Galena Brewing CompanyArbiters Ale Black Ale7.90271.726.5
Galena Brewing CompanyBelgian Trappist Ale4.30133.412.2
Galena Brewing CompanyUptown Brown Ale6.00189.317.0
Glacier BrewhouseBlonde4.76144.512.6
Glacier BrewhouseIPA6.35213.520.9
Glacier BrewhouseAmber5.67194.719.9
Glacier BrewhouseRaspberry Wheat4.76144.512.6
Glacier BrewhouseBavarian Hefeweizen5.00168.017.0
Glacier BrewhouseOatmeal Stout5.61224.927.2
Glacier BrewhouseApricot XXX10.00330.729.0
Grand Teton Brewing CompanyOld Faithful Ale5.30183.419.1
Grand Teton Brewing CompanyTeton Ale5.30180.118.3
Grand Teton Brewing CompanySweetgrass APA6.00206.221.0
Grand Teton Brewing CompanyBitch Creek6.00206.221.0
Grand Teton Brewing CompanyHowling Wolf Weisse Bier5.00168.017.0
Grand Teton Brewing CompanyLost Continent Double IPA8.00251.421.4
Grand Teton Brewing CompanyBlack Cauldron Imperial Stout8.00287.829.6
Grand Teton Brewing CompanyPursuit of Hoppiness Imperial Red Ale8.50323.635.1
Grand Teton Brewing CompanyFest Bier Marzen Lager6.00206.221.0
Grand Teton Brewing CompanyPersephone Imperial Pilsner8.76245.116.3
Grand Teton Brewing CompanyThe Grand Saison7.50200.812.4
Grand Teton Brewing CompanyWake Up Call7.50289.632.6
Grand Teton Brewing CompanyDouble Vision Double Bock8.00364.346.8
Grand Teton Brewing CompanyWorkhorse Wheat4.00139.315.0
Grand Teton Brewing CompanyAu Naturale Organic4.90168.317.5
Great Lakes Brewing CompanyBurning River Pale Ale6.00189.317.0
Great Lakes Brewing CompanyEdmund Fitzgerald Porter5.80207.022.1
Great Lakes Brewing CompanyEliot Ness Amber Lager6.20205.519.8
Great Lakes Brewing CompanyCommodore Perry7.50253.224.3
Great Lakes Brewing CompanyBlackout Stout9.00341.136.4
Great Lakes Brewing CompanyDortmunder Gold5.80190.018.2
Great Lakes Brewing CompanyDoppelrock7.80252.122.6
Great Lakes Brewing CompanyNosferatu8.00251.421.4
Great Lakes Brewing CompanyConway’s Irish Ale6.50195.916.1
Great Lakes Brewing CompanyChristmas Ale7.50235.520.3
Great Lakes Brewing CompanyHoly Moses5.40174.816.6
Great Lakes Brewing CompanyLake Erie Monster9.10321.531.5
Great Lakes Brewing CompanyOktoberfest6.50195.916.1
Great Lakes Brewing CompanyThe Wright Pils5.30175.117.2
Great River BreweryWidespread Wit5.50173.915.3
Great River BreweryDos Pistolas Negra5.60160.516.1
Great River BreweryRoller Dam Red Ale5.30170.113.7
Great River BreweryOrganic Farmer Brown Ale7.00197.017.8
Gritty McDuff’sOriginal Pub Style4.50152.615.9
Gritty McDuff’sMaine’s Best IPA6.80234.923.6
Gritty McDuff’sBest Bitter5.00166.116.6
Gritty McDuff’sRed Claws Ale4.10146.817.1
Gritty McDuff’sBlack Fly Stout4.10146.817.1
Gritty McDuff’sHalloween Ale6.00201.819.9
Gritty McDuff’sChristmas Ale6.20216.621.9
Gritty McDuff’sVacationland Ale4.90162.716.4
Gritty McDuff’sScottish Ale6.30216.621.9
Half Moon Restaurant and BreweryVery Very Blueberry Wheat Ale6.10169.912.1
Half Moon Restaurant and BreweryLittle Detroit American Pale Ale6.10185.615.7
Half Moon Restaurant and BreweryWildcat Wheat4.50129.410.3
Half Moon Restaurant and BreweryMILF-n-Honey-Wheat Ale5.80182.716.5
Half Moon Restaurant and BreweryStoplight City Red5.70179.216.2
Half Moon Restaurant and BreweryThe KokoMonster8.00234.617.6
Half Moon Restaurant and BreweryElwood’s IPA6.70207.217.7
Half Moon Restaurant and BreweryCole Porter7.00222.119.7
Half Moon Restaurant and BreweryEmerald Isle Irish-Style Stout5.70187.018.0
Harpoon BreweryIPA5.90215.223.5
Harpoon BreweryBelgian Pale Ale5.80213.823.7
Harpoon BreweryAle5.00189.622.0
Harpoon BreweryMunich Dark5.50199.521.9
Harpoon BreweryLeviathan Imperial IPA10.00318.226.3
Harpoon BreweryLeviathan Imperial Rye8.90303.228.5
Harpoon BreweryLeviathan Quad11.75395.234.0
Harpoon BreweryLeviathan Uber-Bock9.00265.919.7
Harpoon BreweryLeviathan Barleywine10.00337.530.5
Harpoon BreweryLeviathan Triticus11.50423.141.2
Harpoon BreweryLeviathan Imperial Red Ale9.20265.118.6
Harpoon BreweryLeviathan Saison Royale9.00265.919.7
Harpoon BreweryLeviathan Big Bohemian Pilsner9.00275.021.7
Harpoon BreweryLeviathan Baltic Porter9.50349.035.6
Harpoon BreweryUFO Hefeweizen4.80160.516.2
Harpoon BreweryUFO White4.80160.516.2
Harpoon BreweryUFO Raspberry Hefeweizen4.80160.516.2
Harpoon BreweryUFO Pale Ale5.30200.323.1
Harpoon BreweryUFO Pumpkin5.90198.119.6
Harpoon BreweryCeltic Ale5.40199.922.5
Harpoon BrewerySummer Beer5.00176.218.9
Harpoon BreweryOctoberfest5.50199.521.9
Harpoon BreweryWinter Warmer5.90198.119.6
Harpoon BreweryChocolate Stout5.90223.825.5
Harpoon BreweryGrateful Harvest Cranberry Ale5.90215.223.5
Harpoon BreweryBohemian Pilsner4.70170.719.1
Harpoon BreweryVermont Spruce Tip Ale7.00219.819.2
Harpoon BreweryBlack IPA7.00255.027.2
Harpoon BreweryDocesna – Czech Hop Harvest Ale6.10209.321.2
Harpoon BreweryRich & Dan’s Rye IPA6.90202.915.8
Harpoon BreweryIsland Creek Oyster Stout5.50208.123.9
Harpoon BreweryCatamount Maple Wheat6.75219.020.2
Harpoon BreweryOak Aged Dunkel5.70210.723.5
Harpoon BreweryPott’s Landbier4.80160.516.2
Harpoon BrewerySingle Hop ESB5.80203.521.3
Harpoon BreweryGinger Wheat7.00237.323.2
Harpoon BreweryHelles Blond Bock7.40237.621.3
Harpoon BreweryRauchfetzen6.30213.721.2
Harpoon BreweryOld Rusty’s Red Rye Ale6.50218.121.3
Harpoon BreweryFirth of Forth Ale5.40178.117.4
Harpoon BreweryWeizenbock7.80261.124.6
Harpoon BreweryGlacier Harvest Wet Hop Ale6.70220.920.9
Harpoon BreweryPeche5.00176.218.9
Harpoon BreweryRefsvindinge7.80261.124.6
Harpoon BreweryEnglish Style Old Ale7.90297.532.3
Harpoon BreweryFrankenfest6.90220.219.7
Harpoon BrewerySaison6.30179.813.4
Harpoon BreweryKellerbier5.20192.221.7
Harpoon BreweryImperial Stout7.70270.627.2
Harpoon BreweryFramboise5.30191.821.1
Harpoon BreweryMaibock5.80198.420.2
Harpoon BrewerySmoked Porter5.70197.120.3
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyWoodstock Wheat4.50152.415.7
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyFat Boy Blue4.50152.415.7
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyCurly Tail Ale4.00131.213.1
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyRuby Red Ale5.00189.622.0
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyPale Rider5.50183.818.2
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyJava Porter5.70163.512.5
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyScout Stout6.20201.018.8
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyIPA6.80222.820.8
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyAbbey Road Belgian Pale Ale5.30172.816.6
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyBlack Hole Imperial Stout8.80305.929.6
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyPumpkin Ale7.00230.121.5
Hog Haus Brewing CompanySecond Runnings American Amber Ale3.50117.812.3
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyWheel Sucker Wit4.80166.817.7
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyAbbey Road Belgian Dubbel7.15233.621.6
Hog Haus Brewing CompanySille Saison5.00170.017.4
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyHop Fiend Imperial IPA10.50350.830.8
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyPiper’s Pilsner5.00166.116.5
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyMunich Helles4.00131.213.1
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyRoaring Lion Marzen5.20173.217.2
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyOktoberfest5.50187.819.1
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyWildschwien Heller Bock6.50219.921.7
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyBlack Lager5.20177.118.1
Hog Haus Brewing CompanyBig Mother Strong Scotch Ale10.00356.934.7
Hoppin’ Frog BreweryB.O.R.I.S. The Crusher Imperial Stout9.40385.044.0
Hoppin’ Frog BreweryBarrel Aged B.O.R.I.S. The Crusher Imperial Stout9.40385.044.0
Hoppin’ Frog BreweryD.O.R.I.S. The Destroyer10.50403.042.2
Hoppin’ Frog BreweryHoppin’ To Heaven IPA6.80230.822.7
Hoppin’ Frog BreweryMean Manalishi Double IPA8.20291.329.4
Hoppin’ Frog BrewerySilk Porter6.20241.128.1
Hoppin’ Frog BreweryOutta Kilter Wee-Heavy Scotch Ale8.20299.731.3
Hoppin’ Frog BreweryBarrel Aged Naked Evil Belgian Barley Wine11.30435.845.0
Hoppin’ Frog BreweryBarrel Aged B.O.R.I.S. Royale9.40385.044.0
Hoppin’ Frog BreweryFrog’s Hollow Double Pumpkin Ale8.40257.620.8
Hoppin’ Frog BreweryTurbo Shandy7.00190.212.4
Hoppin’ Frog BreweryHop Dam Triple IPA10.00326.928.2
Hoppin’ Frog BreweryFrosted Frog Christmas Ale8.60289.927.0
Hoppin’ Frog BreweryWild Frog Wheat6.00193.818.1
Hoppin’ Frog BreweryHop Master’s Abbey Belgia-style Double IPA8.50277.824.8
Idle Hands Craft AlesPandora6.00193.818.1
Idle Hands Craft AlesTriplication9.00263.619.2
Idle Hands Craft AlesAmber You Harlet!5.30172.816.6
Idle Hands Craft AlesB^310.00268.315.3
Idle Hands Craft AlesBlanche de Grace5.20169.316.3
Idle Hands Craft AlesCharlton Rouge5.50148.810.0
Idle Hands Craft AlesCognition4.20142.014.7
Idle Hands Craft AlesDubbel Dimples7.50236.420.5
Idle Hands Craft AlesInnocence of Amber5.30176.717.5
Idle Hands Craft AlesPatriarch5.80178.815.6
Iron Springs Pub & BreweryKent Lake Kolsch4.50167.919.4
Iron Springs Pub & BreweryEl Jefe Hefeweizen5.50164.313.7
Iron Springs Pub & BreweryAlsatian Pale Ale5.50191.720.1
Iron Springs Pub & BreweryChazz Cat Rye Ale6.50207.918.9
Iron Springs Pub & BreweryJC Flyer IPA7.00214.117.9
Iron Springs Pub & BreweryCasey Jones Imperial IPA9.00288.424.7
Iron Springs Pub & BreweryEpiphany Ale6.00193.818.1
Iron Springs Pub & BreweryAnne Marie’s Amber Ale7.00198.114.2
Iron Springs Pub & BreweryFairfax Coffee Porter6.70219.120.5
Iron Springs Pub & BrewerySless’s Stimulating Oatmeal Stout8.00275.526.8
Jack’s Abby BrewingJabby Brau4.50153.516.0
Jack’s Abby BrewingSmoke & Dagger5.80198.420.2
Jack’s Abby BrewingHoponius Union6.70212.218.9
Jack’s Abby BrewingKiwi Rising8.50276.824.6
Jack’s Abby BrewingCoffee Smoke & Dagger5.80198.420.2
Jack’s Abby BrewingCopper Legend5.90203.220.8
Jack’s Abby BrewingFire in the Ham5.40174.816.6
Jack’s Abby BrewingR.I.P.L. Effect5.75186.017.5
Jack’s Abby BrewingBiere de Garde Rye Lager6.20205.519.8
Jack’s Abby BrewingMaibock Hurts Like Helles6.50225.122.9
Jack’s Abby BrewingMom & Pop’s Pumpkin Crop Lager5.50182.718.0
Jack’s Abby BrewingCascadian Schwarzbier6.80220.520.3
Jack’s Abby BrewingMom & Pop’s Wet Hop Lager5.20175.517.7
Jack’s Abby BrewingFraminghammer Baltic Porter10.00347.332.6
Jack’s Abby BrewingRed Tape Lager5.00176.218.9
Jack’s Abby BrewingGinger & Juice6.00197.719.0
Jack’s Abby BrewingHey Diddle Diddle8.00269.525.5
Jack’s Abby BrewingSaxon Sons Pilsner5.40178.917.6
Jack’s Abby BrewingLeisure Time Lager4.80157.315.4
Jack’s Abby BrewingSaxonator Dunkles Doppelbock9.00302.927.9
Jailhouse Brewing CompanySlammer Wheat5.00159.815.0
Jailhouse Brewing CompanyMugshot IPA6.70186.713.1
Jailhouse Brewing CompanyBreakout Stout7.80270.226.6
Jalehouse BeerLight4.50110.06.2
John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale HouseMo’Bay Stout8.10258.222.5
John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale HouseAtomic Expresso Stout5.70178.716.0
John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale HouseOktoberfest Lager5.20175.517.7
John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale HouseStrawberry Wheat4.30136.612.9
John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale HouseDunkel Weizen5.70180.316.4
John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale HouseWeizen Bock7.20249.024.8
John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale HouseNut Brown Ale5.50138.67.7
John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale HousePale Ale5.10154.513.3
Knee Deep Brewing CompanyImmigration Red6.00197.719.0
Knee Deep Brewing CompanyIPA7.50200.812.4
Knee Deep Brewing CompanyRyedentity Crisis8.00242.519.4
Knee Deep Brewing CompanyTanilla Porter6.30188.215.3
Knee Deep Brewing CompanyKnee Deep in Powder6.00189.317.0
Kona Brewing CompanyLongboard Lager4.60177.721.2
Kona Brewing CompanyFire Rock Pale Ale5.90189.617.6
Kona Brewing CompanyPipeline Porter5.30183.419.1
Kona Brewing CompanyBig Wave Golden Ale5.30166.915.2
Kona Brewing CompanyWailua Wheat Ale5.40158.312.8
Kona Brewing CompanyKoko Brown5.50179.417.2
Kona Brewing CompanyDuke’s Blonde Ale5.00151.713.1
Kona Brewing CompanyBlack Sand Porter6.50204.418.1
Kona Brewing CompanyCastaway IPA7.00219.819.2
Kona Brewing CompanyHula Hefeweizen5.40171.515.8
Kona Brewing CompanyLavaman Red Ale5.60182.317.4
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyIPA6.20197.117.9
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyPils6.20185.215.1
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyCensored Ale6.75219.020.2
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyMaximus8.20274.725.7
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyImperial Stout10.14317.925.5
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyHop Stoopid8.00296.231.5
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyImperial Red7.60244.121.7
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyWilco Tango Foxtrot7.83243.320.4
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyLucky 138.30295.129.7
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyLucky 13.alt8.30295.129.7
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyLittle Sumpin’ Wild8.74281.124.4
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyLittle Sumpin’ Extra8.74281.124.4
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyLittle Sumpin’ Sumpin’7.30261.527.2
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyBavarian-Styled Doppel Weizen8.50290.227.6
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyBrown Shugga’9.90352.934.4
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyCappuccino Stout7.90259.423.7
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyHairy Eyeball8.80314.331.5
Lagunitas Brewing CompanySucks Holiday Ale7.60297.733.9
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyOlde Gnarlywine10.60333.326.5
Lake Placid Craft Brewing CompanyHefeweizen5.50179.417.2
Lake Placid Craft Brewing CompanyUBU7.00237.323.2
Lake Placid Craft Brewing CompanyIndia Pale Ale6.80229.222.3
Lake Placid Craft Brewing Company46’er Pale Ale6.00214.823.0
Lake Placid Craft Brewing CompanyWinter Lager6.50195.916.1
Lake Placid Craft Brewing CompanyHoney Rye5.00159.815.0
Latitude 33 Brewing CompanyCamel Corps IPA6.80215.319.1
Latitude 33 Brewing CompanyCarolina Honey Hips Blonde8.25248.919.9
Latitude 33 Brewing CompanyCamel Corps Double Hump IPA10.00313.126.0
Latitude 33 Brewing CompanyGB’s Pale Ale5.00153.313.5
Latitude 33 Brewing CompanyStraw Horse Wheat Ale5.20159.113.9
Latitude 33 Brewing CompanyThe Pasha’s Rye Brown6.00196.018.6
Latitude 33 Brewing CompanyVanilla’s Porter6.50207.818.9
Left Hand Brewing CompanySawtooth Ale5.30158.713.3
Left Hand Brewing CompanyMilk Stout6.00223.425.0
Left Hand Brewing Company400 Pound Monkey6.80186.412.5
Left Hand Brewing CompanyPolestar Pilsner5.50158.012.2
Left Hand Brewing CompanyBlack Jack Porter6.80220.520.3
Left Hand Brewing CompanyStranger Pale Ale5.00159.815.0
Left Hand Brewing CompanyWake Up Dead Stout10.20317.525.1
Left Hand Brewing CompanyGood JuJu4.50129.510.3
Left Hand Brewing CompanyOktoberfest6.60221.221.5
Left Hand Brewing CompanyWarrior IPA7.60217.615.7
Left Hand Brewing CompanyFade to Black, Volume 18.50249.618.5
Left Hand Brewing CompanyFade to Black, Volume 27.80252.122.6
Left Hand Brewing CompanyFade to Black, Volume 37.20254.326.1
Left Hand Brewing CompanyChainsaw9.40301.425.6
Left Hand Brewing CompanyTwin Sisters9.60282.020.3
Left Hand Brewing CompanySmoke Jumper8.80303.629.1
Left Hand Brewing CompanyTNT7.90269.826.1
Lefty’s Brewing CompanyGolden Ale5.00176.218.9
Lefty’s Brewing CompanyPale Ale6.00199.419.4
Lefty’s Brewing CompanyIndia Pale Ale6.60219.521.1
Lefty’s Brewing CompanyEnglish Style Porter6.60204.017.5
Lefty’s Brewing CompanyCoffee Porter6.00206.221.0
Lefty’s Brewing CompanySmoked Porter6.00206.221.0
Lefty’s Brewing CompanyIrist Style Stout6.80224.021.1
Lefty’s Brewing CompanyChocolate Oatmeal Stout7.20234.821.6
Lefty’s Brewing CompanyMaple Ale8.20283.427.6
Lefty’s Brewing CompanyMaple Oatmeal Stout10.00299.322.1
Lefty’s Brewing CompanyBarrel Aged Scotch Ale11.00333.924.7
Lefty’s Brewing CompanyRyan & Casey Liquors 100th Anniversary Barrel Aged Imperial Maple Stout11.50351.826.0
Lefty’s Brewing CompanyCampfire Ale6.00206.221.0
Lost AbbeyAvant Garde7.00198.715.2
Lost AbbeyDevotion6.25162.811.4
Lost AbbeyJudgment Day10.50317.624.9
Lost AbbeyLost and Found7.50217.317.5
Lost AbbeyRed Barn Ale6.70218.219.0
Lost AbbeyCarnevale6.50173.016.9
Mad Anthony Brewing CompanyOl’ Woody Pale Ale5.00176.218.9
Mad Anthony Brewing CompanyGabby Blonde Ale4.00131.313.1
Mad Anthony Brewing CompanyHarry Baals Irish Stout4.20162.719.6
Mad Anthony Brewing CompanyAuburn Lager4.60169.419.3
Mad Anthony Brewing CompanyRaspberry Wheat4.70211.028.6
Mad Anthony Brewing CompanySnow Plowed Winter Ale5.90223.825.5
Mad Anthony Brewing CompanyOctoberfest5.50191.119.9
Mad Anthony Brewing CompanySummer Daze5.50174.416.0
Magic Hat Brewing Company#95.10156.213.7
Magic Hat Brewing CompanyCircus Boy4.50149.515.0
Magic Hat Brewing CompanySingle Chair5.00151.713.1
Magic Hat Brewing CompanyVinyl5.10167.616.4
Magic Hat Brewing CompanyWacko4.50145.414.1
Magic Hat Brewing CompanyHex5.40191.520.5
Magic Hat Brewing CompanyHowl4.60161.317.3
Magic Hat Brewing CompanyDemo6.00189.317.0
Magic Hat Brewing CompanyBlind Faith6.20202.119.0
Magic Hat Brewing CompanyhI.P.A6.70212.218.9
Magic Hat Brewing CompanyEncore6.40201.317.9
Magic Hat Brewing CompanyRavell5.80198.420.2
Magic Hat Brewing CompanyJuniper Ale7.20236.622.0
Magic Hat Brewing CompanyBraggot6.00223.425.0
Maine Beer CompanyPeeper5.50160.412.8
Maine Beer CompanyZoe7.20221.318.5
Maine Beer CompanyMean Old Tom6.00229.726.4
Maine Beer CompanyLunch7.00202.115.1
Maine Beer CompanyMo6.00174.213.5
Maine Beer CompanyKing Titus7.50269.027.9
Maine Beer CompanyCollaboration Time 17.20233.421.3
Max Lager’s American Grill & BreweryThe Dark Side Smoked India Black Ale7.00237.323.2
Max Lager’s American Grill & BreweryHoney Blonde Pale Ale5.00172.918.1
Max Lager’s American Grill & BreweryGimme Chocolate Bock7.00237.323.2
Max Lager’s American Grill & BreweryHOPSPLOSION!!! IPA6.50187.414.2
Max Lager’s American Grill & BreweryMax Red5.00176.218.9
Mayflower Brewing CompanyPale Ale4.90158.515.2
Mayflower Brewing CompanyGolden Ale4.70141.512.2
Mayflower Brewing CompanyIPA7.00233.822.4
Mayflower Brewing CompanyPorter5.50196.221.1
Millstream Brewing CompanySchild Brau Amber4.90186.722.0
Millstream Brewing CompanyIowa Pale Ale5.70210.923.7
Millstream Brewing CompanyWindmill Wheat4.50161.818.2
Millstream Brewing CompanyJohn’s White Ale5.20173.817.3
Millstream Brewing CompanyGerman Pilsner5.00176.819.8
Millstream Brewing CompanyHeferweissen5.70193.519.1
Millstream Brewing CompanyOktoberfest5.70212.423.8
Millstream Brewing CompanySchokolade Bock6.00224.426.5
Millstream Brewing CompanyBack Road Stout6.70218.328.6
Moose’s Tooth Pub & PizzeriaBear Tooth Ale6.00213.722.7
Moose’s Tooth Pub & PizzeriaFairweather IPA6.40216.221.3
Moose’s Tooth Pub & PizzeriaHard Apple Ale5.20169.316.3
Moose’s Tooth Pub & PizzeriaHefeweizen5.00170.017.4
Moose’s Tooth Pub & PizzeriaNorthern Lights Amber5.00185.721.1
Moose’s Tooth Pub & PizzeriaPipeline Stout6.30236.726.5
Moose’s Tooth Pub & PizzeriaPolar Pale Ale5.20177.118.1
Moose’s Tooth Pub & PizzeriaPrince William’s Porter5.10185.320.5
Moose’s Tooth Pub & PizzeriaSpenard Nite Life4.50140.913.0
Moose’s Tooth Pub & PizzeriaWild Country Raspberry Wheat4.50171.820.3
Mountain Sun Pub & BreweryColorado Kind Ale6.30192.716.4
Mountain Sun Pub & BreweryIsadore Java Porter6.00193.717.9
Mountain Sun Pub & BreweryAnnapurna Amber6.00201.619.7
Mountain Sun Pub & BreweryIllusion Dweller IPA6.40205.715.5
Mountain Sun Pub & BreweryQuinn’s Golden Ale5.25165.215.1
Mountain Sun Pub & BreweryBig Krane Kolsch5.50164.213.6
Mountain Sun Pub & BreweryHogback Doppelbock8.10283.227.9
Mountain Sun Pub & BreweryClaymore Scotch Ale7.90267.725.7
Mountain Sun Pub & BreweryRaspberry Wheat5.50156.511.8
Mountain Sun Pub & BreweryXXX Pale Ale7.60244.121.7
Mountain Sun Pub & BreweryChazz Cat Rye6.30184.814.6
Mountain Sun Pub & BreweryBelgian Dip Chocolate Stout6.30236.726.5
Mountain Sun Pub & BreweryCleveland Brown Ale4.90166.116.6
Moylan’s BreweryDragoons Dry Irish Stout5.00158.314.7
Moylan’s BreweryKilt Lifter Scotch Ale8.00275.526.8
Moylan’s BreweryHopsickle Imperial IPA9.20329.832.9
Moylan’s BreweryTipperary Pale Ale5.00181.720.2
Moylan’s BreweryCelts Golden Ale5.00158.314.7
Moylan’s BreweryIPA6.50339.549.2
Moylan’s BreweryIrish Red Ale6.50219.921.7
Moylan’s BreweryDouble IPA8.50294.428.6
Moylan’s BreweryOld Blarney Barleywine Style Ale10.00344.031.9
Moylan’s BreweryRyan Sullivan’s Imperial Stout10.00344.031.9
Moylan’s BreweryWhite Christmas Spiced Winter Lager6.00201.819.9
New Belgium BrewingSunshine Wheat4.80178.713.8
New Belgium BrewingFat Tire5.20167.614.2
New Belgium Brewing15545.60211.822.9
New Belgium BrewingBlue Paddle4.80181.814.3
New Belgium BrewingTrippel7.80243.318.2
New Belgium BrewingRanger IPA6.50196.615.0
New Belgium BrewingBelgo IPA7.00273.719.6
New Belgium BrewingAbbey7.00221.917.8
New Belgium BrewingMothership Wit4.80147.212.6
New Belgium BrewingSnow Day6.20233.817.7
New Belgium BrewingDig5.60203.316.4
New Belgium BrewingOld Cherry Ale6.50218.717.4
New Belgium BrewingLa Terroir7.50226.718.3
New Belgium BrewingAbbey Grand Cru9.50221.917.8
New Belgium BrewingSuper Cru10.00314.019.5
New Belgium BrewingKick8.50300.223.7
New Belgium BrewingLa Folie6.00207.818.9
New Belgium BrewingLa Fleur Misseur6.20187.914.8
New Belgium BrewingBiere de Mars6.20202.817.8
New Belgium BrewingClutch9.00283.322.3
New Belgium BrewingCocoa Mole Ale9.00321.832.1
New Belgium BrewingPrickly Passion8.50286.026.7
New Belgium BrewingFresh Hop7.00265.118.5
New Planet Beer CompanyTread Lightly Ale5.00179.0
New Planet Beer Company3R Raspberry Ale5.00160.0
New Planet Beer CompanyOff Grid Pale Ale5.00170.0
Nimbus Brewing CompanyDirty Guera3.50144.713.9
Nimbus Brewing CompanyPale Ale5.50175.415.4
Nimbus Brewing CompanyRed Ale5.00146.816.2
Nimbus Brewing CompanyBrown Ale5.00167.215.7
Nimbus Brewing CompanyOld Monkey Shine8.20230.624.5
Nimbus Brewing CompanyOatmeal Stout5.00188.221.1
O’Dempsey’sYour Black Heart Russian Imperial Stout8.00325.638.1
O’Dempsey’sBig Red Ale6.00193.818.1
Old Bisbee Brewing CompanyPale Ale5.40180.317.9
Old Bisbee Brewing CompanyApricot-Peach Pilsner4.60152.015.2
Old Bisbee Brewing CompanyBelgian Whitbier5.00166.116.5
Old Bisbee Brewing CompanyMountain Lime Lager3.70124.713.0
Old Bisbee Brewing CompanyCopper City Ale4.90201.825.4
Old Bisbee Brewing CompanyRoyal Stout6.80230.822.7
Orlando Brewing PartnersOrganic Blonde Ale4.73128.59.0
Orlando Brewing PartnersOrganic Pale Ale6.25166.712.3
Orlando Brewing PartnersOrganic Red Ale5.80156.416.9
Orlando Brewing PartnersOrganic Brown Ale5.54160.317.8
Orlando Brewing PartnersBlackwater Dry Porter5.43156.912.5
Orlando Brewing PartnersEagle Stout5.69191.219.2
Orlando Brewing PartnersOlde Pelican EPA6.82188.314.7
Orlando Brewing PartnersEuropean Pilz6.15183.412.3
Orlando Brewing PartnersOrganic Miami Weiss4.60163.717.9
Orlando Brewing PartnersOrganic Oktoberfest5.60186.817.6
Orlando Brewing PartnersI-4 IPA6.50193.122.3
Pateros Creek Brewing CompanyOld Town Ale4.50137.012.1
Pateros Creek Brewing CompanyStimulator Pale Ale5.30176.717.5
Pateros Creek Brewing CompanyCache la Porter5.00173.918.3
Pateros Creek Brewing CompanyCar 214.50156.316.6
Pateros Creek Brewing CompanyRustic Red5.20165.415.4
Pateros Creek Brewing CompanyRemittance Ale4.00108.47.7
Pateros Creek Brewing CompanyCity Park Lager5.00177.819.3
Pateros Creek Brewing CompanyDrool of the DoG6.40200.317.6
Pateros Creek Brewing CompanyGreyrock GF5.60183.517.7
Pateros Creek Brewing CompanyMt. Oxford English IPA5.00193.523.0
Pateros Creek Brewing CompanyCapitol Peak American IPA6.40216.221.3
Pensacola Bay BreweryBanyan Brown Ale6.90220.219.7
Pensacola Bay BreweryConquistador Doppelbock7.01282.233.4
Pensacola Bay BreweryDeLuna Extra Pale Ale4.70152.814.8
Pensacola Bay BreweryLighthouse Porter6.90202.915.8
Pensacola Bay BreweryLi’l Napoleon IPA7.50200.812.4
Pensacola Bay BreweryPensacola Bay’s ESB5.80207.022.1
Pensacola Bay BreweryRiptide Amber6.40226.323.6
Pensacola Bay BrewerySawgrass Wheat5.20179.618.7
Pensacola Bay BreweryTreasure Grove Citra Pale Ale6.40227.223.8
Pensacola Bay Brewery1845 Pilsner4.80160.516.2
Phoenix Ale BreweryCamelback IPA6.10209.020.7
Phoenix Ale BreweryFretzy’s Unfiltered5.00168.017.1
Phoenix Ale BreweryIronwood Imperial Porter7.00236.722.3
Phoenix Ale BreweryWatermelon Ale4.80163.516.5
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortCho-Saiko Double IPA9.70278.520.3
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortThe Jetty IPA7.60216.316.0
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortNewbreak Pale Ale6.20185.315.3
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortNo Surf Cream Ale4.30133.812.1
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortO.B. Chronic4.70143.912.6
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortThe Old Ball & Chain Pale Ale5.60168.114.5
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortSkidmark Brown4.10127.111.8
Port Brewing Company / Pizza Port“Pseudo” IPA6.80198.715.2
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortDoheny Double IPA9.50282.721.2
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortPier Rat Porter5.60187.218.3
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortErnest’s Silky Smoove5.60195.120.2
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortDawn Patrol4.20142.014.7
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortWay Heavy8.70277.223.9
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortClemente Cream Ale4.40137.212.3
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortCalifornia Honey5.60167.613.8
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortTrestles Golden4.90147.212.8
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortT-Street Wheat5.50175.916.3
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortSC Chronic5.30165.215.1
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortLightweight Lager5.00146.812.0
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortFisticuffs4.50156.416.9
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortNerf Herder4.30145.314.9
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortSharkbite Red6.40196.216.5
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortPig Dog Pale5.50172.015.4
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortRipper5.30165.215.1
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortEl Camino IPA7.20213.316.6
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortMiddle Man IPA6.60191.814.9
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortKiller Dana IIPA8.40253.519.9
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortNose Rider IIPA8.50257.120.1
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortRip Tide6.00185.816.1
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortFeeding Frenzy8.80272.622.2
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortInfamous11.00396.838.1
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortDusk till Dawn10.50368.034.6
Port Brewing Company / Pizza PortBarbarian11.30378.332.8
Pumphouse BreweryWildfire Wheat5.00142.911.1
Pumphouse BreweryFlashpoint IPA6.60215.520.2
Pumphouse BrewerySpotted Dog Milk Stout4.60163.717.9
Pumphouse BreweryRed Alert Amber6.20201.018.8
Pumphouse BreweryShockwave Scottish Ale7.90259.423.7
Pumphouse BreweryBattallion Brown Ale5.10193.222.4
Pumphouse BreweryRaspberry Wheat4.30145.415.0
Pumphouse BreweryBrush Fire5.10181.419.6
Pumphouse BreweryBrass Pole Pale Ale5.70179.216.2
Pumphouse BreweryDragon’s Wort Porter5.20184.920.0
Pumphouse BreweryHooligan Double IPA8.40282.326.4
Pumphouse BreweryRose Hip Amber6.20201.018.8
Pumphouse BreweryWildland Sour #107.80267.926.1
Pyramid BreweriesHefeweizen5.20167.215.8
Pyramid BreweriesApricot5.10155.413.5
Pyramid BreweriesThunderhead6.70233.123.7
Pyramid BreweriesOutburst8.50286.026.7
Pyramid BreweriesDiscord6.50225.122.9
Pyramid BreweriesCurve Ball5.00159.815.0
Pyramid BreweriesSnow Cap7.00242.624.4
Pyramid BreweriesHelles Smokry5.50199.521.9
Pyramid BreweriesSuper Snow Cap9.00302.927.9
Pyramid BreweriesMaibock5.50166.214.1
Ragtime Taproom & BreweryDolphin’s Breath Lager3.60109.39.8
Ragtime Taproom & BreweryWestbury Wheat4.30130.211.4
ReaperAleDeathly Pale Ale6.20193.117.0
ReaperAleRedemption Red Ale6.60199.616.5
ReaperAleMortality Stout7.50236.420.5
ReaperAleSleighor Double IPA9.10271.520.5
ReaperAleRitual Dark Ale8.50257.220.2
ReaperAleInevitable Ale7.10229.821.0
Red Car Brewery and RestaurantElectra Lite4.42129.710.7
Red Car Brewery and RestaurantSouth Bay IPA9.04238.913.5
Red Car Brewery and RestaurantMotorman Reserve4.94143.111.4
Red Car Brewery and RestaurantSouth Loop Porter7.06221.819.3
Red Ear Brewing CompanyCattail Pale Ale5.80198.520.2
Red Ear Brewing CompanyRed October Ale5.30204.324.0
Red Ear Brewing CompanyM.A.D. Alex Chocolate Oatmeal Stout5.30180.618.5
Redhook Ale BreweryESB5.80185.817.2
Redhook Ale BreweryPilsner5.30153.812.2
Redhook Ale BreweryCopperhook5.80177.515.3
Redhook Ale BreweryIPA6.50194.215.7
Redhook Ale BreweryWinterhook6.00206.221.0
Redhook Ale BreweryWit5.30187.620.1
Redhook Ale BreweryNut Brown5.80186.617.4
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyBelgian Style Pale Ale (B.P.A.)6.70196.915.4
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyImperial Golden Ale (I.G.A.)6.80234.523.5
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyBelgian Style Porter6.10202.419.6
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyIPA6.40215.121.0
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyDubbel8.60245.717.2
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyTripel9.60282.020.3
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyBelgian Style Dark Strong Ale10.40288.517.8
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyDouble IPA8.60263.721.2
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyEnglish Barley Wine8.40291.928.5
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyBlack Forest Imperial Stout9.30311.228.3
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyBelgian Red5.30200.323.1
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyDusseldorf Altbier5.60202.622.1
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyTripel du Chene10.20291.119.3
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyBatch 698.70265.121.0
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyBohemian Pilsner5.00159.815.0
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyOktoberfest6.00207.921.4
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyCentennial Ale (aka Batch 100)5.40189.820.1
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyIrish Dry Stout6.50211.219.7
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanySpace Oddity8.50258.620.5
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyFlaming Sombrero (aka Rauchbier)5.70193.719.6
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyPeche Rustique5.10144.811.0
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyMure Reveche5.10144.811.0
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanySommer Sauer Weizen5.10144.811.0
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyCerise Coup5.10144.811.0
Redwood Curtain Brewing CompanyAigre Carbonise6.10202.419.6
Rogue Ales21 Ale8.00301.832.8
Rogue AlesAmerican Amber Ale5.60174.015.5
Rogue AlesBrutal IPA5.80207.022.1
Rogue AlesCap’n Sig’s Northwestern Ale6.20197.017.9
Rogue AlesChatoe Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager6.00206.221.0
Rogue AlesChatoe Rogue Good Chit Pilsner6.00172.613.2
Rogue AlesChatoe Rogue OREgasmic Ale6.00206.221.0
Rogue AlesChatoe Rogue Pumpkin Patch Ale5.60190.719.3
Rogue AlesChatoe Rogue Single Malt Ale5.30158.713.3
Rogue AlesChipotle Ale5.50158.012.2
Rogue AlesChocolate Stout6.00206.221.0
Rogue AlesDad’s Little Helper Black IPA7.00202.615.2
Rogue AlesDead Guy Ale6.50221.622.1
Rogue AlesDouble Chocolate Stout8.00325.438.1
Rogue AlesDouble Dead Guy Ale9.00284.223.8
Rogue AlesDry Hopped St. Rogue Red5.10175.918.3
Rogue AlesHazelnut Brown Nectar6.20188.515.9
Rogue AlesJuniper Pale Ale5.30175.117.2
Rogue AlesMaierfest Lager5.60190.719.3
Rogue AlesMogul Madness Ale6.60230.023.5
Rogue AlesMom Hefeweizen4.80160.516.2
Rogue AlesMocha Porter5.30175.117.2
Rogue AlesMorimoto Imperial Pilsner8.80248.516.8
Rogue AlesMorimoto Soba Ale4.80160.516.2
Rogue AlesMorimoto Black Obi Soba4.80160.516.2
Rogue AlesPortland State IPA6.00206.221.0
Rogue AlesRogue Irish Lager5.00159.815.0
Rogue AlesSanta’s Private Reserve6.00172.613.2
Rogue AlesShakespeare Oatmeal Stout6.10205.920.4
Rogue AlesSomer Orange Honey Ale5.20175.517.7
Rogue AlesVoodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale5.60190.719.3
Rogue AlesXS Imperial IPA9.50282.420.9
Rogue AlesXS Old Crustacean11.50371.730.3
Rogue AlesXS Russian Imperial Stout11.00393.737.6
Rogue AlesEugene City Track Town 200 Meter Ale5.90223.825.5
Rogue AlesEugene City Track Town Honey Orange Wheat5.00176.218.9
Rogue AlesEugene City Track Town Triple Jump Pale Ale5.50182.718.0
Rogue AlesIssaquah White Frog Ale5.70172.014.5
Rogue AlesIssaquah Menage A Frog Ale9.00321.832.1
Russian River Brewing CompanyBlind Pig6.10193.517.5
Russian River Brewing CompanyDamnation7.00222.119.7
Russian River Brewing CompanyPliny the Elder8.00234.617.6
Russian River Brewing CompanyBeatification5.50164.313.7
Russian River Brewing CompanyConsecration10.00260.013.5
Russian River Brewing CompanySupplication7.00198.114.2
Russian River Brewing CompanyTemptation7.50204.313.2
Russian River Brewing CompanyDamnation 2310.75265.611.1
Russian River Brewing CompanyDefenstration7.25213.116.4
Russian River Brewing CompanyMortification11.07301.917.4
Russian River Brewing CompanyPerdition6.10193.517.5
Russian River Brewing CompanyRedemption4.80159.115.8
Russian River Brewing CompanyRejection6.30192.716.4
Russian River Brewing CompanySanctification6.75167.58.4
Russian River Brewing CompanyAud Blonde4.50144.713.9
Russian River Brewing CompanyGaffers4.50148.614.8
Russian River Brewing CompanyO.V.L. Stout4.40145.114.5
Russian River Brewing CompanyPliny the Younger10.50299.819.7
Russian River Brewing CompanyRow 2, Hill 565.80182.716.5
Russian River Brewing CompanyRussian River IPA6.75203.016.5
Russian River Brewing CompanyRussian River Porter5.75182.916.8
Russian River Brewing CompanySegal Select5.75179.015.9
Salmon River BreweryUdaho Gold4.70144.712.9
Salmon River BreweryPFD Pale Ale5.40174.816.6
Salmon River BrewerySalmon River Quiver IPA6.00206.221.0
Salmon River BreweryBuzz Buzz Porter6.20222.723.8
Salmon River BreweryBrAmber5.00159.815.0
Salmon River BrewerySweep Boat Stout4.50161.617.9
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyBoston Lager4.90176.619.5
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyLight4.30117.68.5
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyChocolate Bock5.80243.430.6
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyCranberry Lambic5.90206.621.6
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyAlpine Spring5.50194.520.7
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyBlack & Brew Coffee Stout5.80217.324.5
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyBonfire Rauchbier5.70217.125.0
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyDunkelweizen5.10169.316.8
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyEast West Kolsch5.00146.812.0
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyHarvest Pumpkin Ale5.70207.322.7
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyHoliday Porter5.80215.524.1
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyMighty Oak Ale5.70190.418.8
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyOctoberfest5.30185.119.5
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyOld Fezziwig Ale5.80217.324.5
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyRustic Saison4.40142.613.9
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanySummer Ale5.30163.614.5
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyWhite Ale5.30166.915.2
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyWinter Lager5.60195.820.5
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyBlack Lager4.90193.323.4
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyCherry Wheat5.30178.517.9
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyRevolutionary Rye Ale5.50184.418.4
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyBlackberry Witbier5.50177.716.8
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyBoston Ale5.40178.117.4
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyCoastal Wheat5.40168.215.1
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyCream Stout4.90191.623.0
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyHoney Porter5.50196.221.1
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyIrish Red5.80193.419.0
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyLatitude 486.00202.820.2
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyNoble Pils4.90171.618.3
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyPale Ale5.40163.213.9
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyScotch Ale5.50211.524.7
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyWhitewater IPA5.80200.120.5
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyDouble Bock9.50339.333.4
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyImperial White10.30336.428.7
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyImperial Stout9.20321.131.0
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyWee Heavy10.00367.037.0
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyAmerican Kriek7.00239.023.6
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyNew World10.00278.817.6
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyStony Brook Red9.00331.434.3
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyThirteenth Hour9.00284.223.8
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyImperial Pilsner8.50304.730.9
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyInfinium10.30288.818.3
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyUtopias25.50672.017.0
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyMillenium20.00612.234.5
Samuel Adams / Boston Beer CompanyTriple Bock18.00696.261.3
Santa Fe Brewing CompanyPale Ale5.40197.919.3
Santa Fe Brewing CompanyNut Brown5.20183.719.5
Santa Fe Brewing CompanyState Pen Porter6.40212.018.5
Santa Fe Brewing CompanyHefeweizen5.25182.217.1
Santa Fe Brewing CompanyChicken Killer Barley Wine10.00344.027.3
Santa Fe Brewing CompanyHappy Camper IPA6.60211.617.9
Santa Fe Brewing CompanyFreestyle Pilsner5.50174.115.6
Santa Fe Brewing CompanyViszolay Belgian7.00227.319.2
Santa Fe Brewing CompanyOktoberfest6.00204.518.2
Santa Fe Brewing CompanyKickin’ Chicken Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine12.00329.030.3
Santa Fe Brewing CompanyImperial Java Stout8.00312.730.8
Santa Fe Brewing CompanyIrish Red Ale4.50191.122.2
SanTan Brewing CompanyDevil’s Ale5.50191.119.9
SanTan Brewing CompanyHefeWeizen Wheat5.00176.218.9
SanTan Brewing CompanyGordo Stout4.10146.916.4
SanTan Brewing CompanySunspot Gold5.00209.926.8
SanTan Brewing CompanyEpicenter Amber Ale5.50191.119.9
SanTan Brewing CompanyHopShock IPA7.10228.120.6
SanTan Brewing CompanyCount Hopula7.00237.323.2
SanTan Brewing CompanySex Panther6.50213.020.1
SanTan Brewing CompanyWinter Warmer9.50291.722.9
SanTan Brewing Company12 Daze6.50213.020.1
SanTan Brewing CompanyNegro Nitron IPA7.30227.419.4
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyPale Ale5.50182.718.0
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyIndia Pale Ale5.80198.420.2
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyAdirondack Lager5.50174.416.0
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyBlack Forest5.30175.117.2
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyBlack and Tan5.10185.920.7
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyWhite IPA6.00202.820.2
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyIndia Copper Ale6.00197.719.0
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyLake Effect Lager5.95232.327.3
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyVanilla Stout4.80193.724.0
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyBohemian Pilsner4.80160.516.2
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyImperial Stout9.00341.136.4
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyImperial IPA8.50286.026.7
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyChocolate Lager6.00206.221.0
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyIrish Stout5.50174.416.0
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyAmber Ale5.60182.317.4
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyBig Moose Ale5.30183.419.1
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyRye IPA5.95189.417.3
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyMaple Porter5.30191.821.1
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyBlack Lager5.50174.416.0
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyWinter Lager5.90232.527.6
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyBrown Ale6.00197.719.0
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyStout4.80193.724.0
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyHelles4.80148.413.3
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyRye Pilsner4.80152.414.3
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyAmber Wheat4.80160.516.2
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyPale Pale Ale4.70156.815.8
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyIrish Red Ale4.50145.414.1
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyBelgian Style Ale5.90198.119.6
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyIndia Brown Ale6.00197.719.0
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyExtra Special Bitter5.30183.419.1
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyCaramel Porter5.40179.717.8
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyOatmeal Stout4.30162.419.1
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyRoggen Bock5.50179.417.2
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyBelgian White5.30158.713.3
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanySummer Ale4.70156.815.8
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyGolden Pilsner5.10159.414.5
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyOctoberfest5.40174.816.6
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyPumpkin Ale5.40174.816.6
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyMarzenbier5.60182.317.4
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyNut Brown Ale5.40183.118.5
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyMocha Stout5.00192.922.8
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanySingle Malt5.50174.416.0
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyPomegranate Wheat4.70152.814.8
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyBlack Diamond Bock6.00232.227.0
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyKolsch5.00151.713.1
Saranac / Matt Brewing CompanyHefeweizen5.60165.813.5
Scantic River BreweryHampden Pale Ale5.00166.116.5
Sea Dog Brewing CompanyBluepaw Blueberry Wheat Ale4.60159.817.0
Sea Dog Brewing CompanyOwl’s Head Light3.20103.810.4
Sea Dog Brewing CompanyRaspberry Wheat Ale4.50160.217.6
Sea Dog Brewing CompanyOld Gollywobbler Brown Ale4.00150.417.7
Sea Dog Brewing CompanyRiverdriver Hazelnut Porter5.60195.320.4
Sea Dog Brewing CompanySummer Ale4.40152.816.3
Sea Dog Brewing CompanyOld East IPA6.20225.024.3
Sea Dog Brewing CompanyPale Ale4.90186.021.7
Sea Dog Brewing CompanyApricot Wheat Ale4.60159.817.0
Sea Dog Brewing CompanyWindjammer Blonde Ale4.80166.817.7
Sea Dog Brewing CompanyPumpkin Ale4.80159.115.8
Sea Dog Brewing CompanyStout4.70175.020.1
Sea Dog Brewing CompanyWinter Ale6.30232.725.6
Seven Bridges Grille and BrewerySouthside Pilsner Lager5.00159.815.0
Seven Bridges Grille and BreweryToll Tender IPA6.00196.018.6
Seven Bridges Grille and BreweryIron Horse Stout5.70198.820.7
Shipyard Brewing CompanyExport5.10173.517.8
Shipyard Brewing CompanyOld Thumper5.60203.222.3
Shipyard Brewing CompanyLight3.90101.26.5
Shipyard Brewing CompanyIPA5.80182.716.5
Shipyard Brewing CompanyBlue Fin Stout4.70175.020.1
Shipyard Brewing CompanyChamberlain Pale Ale4.90186.021.7
Shipyard Brewing CompanyBrewery’s Brown5.40200.022.5
Shipyard Brewing CompanySummer Ale4.80166.817.7
Shipyard Brewing CompanyPumpkinhead Ale4.70159.416.4
Shipyard Brewing CompanyApplehead Ale4.50160.217.6
Shipyard Brewing CompanyPrelude Special Ale6.70239.325.1
Shipyard Brewing CompanyLongfellow Winter Ale5.80210.422.9
Shipyard Brewing CompanyDouble Old Thumper11.20383.034.2
Shipyard Brewing CompanySmashed Blueberry9.00301.027.5
Shipyard Brewing CompanySmashed Pumpkin9.00305.128.4
Shipyard Brewing CompanyImperial Porter7.10237.822.8
Shipyard Brewing CompanyXXXX IPA9.25321.130.7
Shipyard Brewing CompanyBarley Wine8.50307.031.4
Sierra Nevada Brewing CompanyPale Ale5.60174.516.2
Sierra Nevada Brewing CompanyPorter5.60187.518.8
Sierra Nevada Brewing CompanyStout5.80214.324.5
Sierra Nevada Brewing CompanyKellerweis4.80165.717.8
Sierra Nevada Brewing CompanyTorpedo7.20242.023.4
Sierra Nevada Brewing CompanyRuthless Rye6.60207.718.6
Sierra Nevada Brewing CompanySummerfest5.00163.015.7
Sierra Nevada Brewing CompanyTumbler5.50184.618.7
Sierra Nevada Brewing CompanyCelebration6.80221.521.9
Sierra Nevada Brewing CompanyBigfoot9.60339.133.1
Sierra Nevada Brewing CompanyNorthern Hemisphere Harvest6.70229.222.2
Sierra Nevada Brewing CompanySouthern Hemisphere Harvest6.70201.720.7
Sierra Nevada Brewing CompanyHoptimum10.40332.828.3
Social Kitchen & BrewerySKB Pilsner5.00150.612.9
Social Kitchen & BreweryBeach House Blonde4.90135.69.8
Social Kitchen & BreweryRamsgate Rye PA4.90158.715.3
Social Kitchen & BreweryIrving Street Pale Ale5.40176.317.0
Social Kitchen & BreweryThe Smell IPA7.20205.314.9
Social Kitchen & BreweryWaterfront Porter5.90194.218.7
Social Kitchen & BreweryRapscallion7.20209.315.8
Social Kitchen & BreweryAnniversary Brune8.80272.622.2
Somerville Brewing Company (Slumbrew)FlagRaiser IPA7.50228.318.7
Somerville Brewing Company (Slumbrew)Happy Sol5.50168.214.6
Somerville Brewing Company (Slumbrew)My Better Half7.20249.725.0
Somerville Brewing Company (Slumbrew)Porter Square Porter6.50219.921.7
Somerville Brewing Company (Slumbrew)Trekker Trippel9.50295.023.7
Stevens Point Brewery2012 Black Ale5.20181.09.0
Stevens Point BreweryBelgian White5.38155.09.3
Stevens Point BreweryBurly Brown5.43158.08.5
Stevens Point BreweryCascade Pale Ale5.40178.011.0
Stevens Point BreweryDrop Dead Blonde3.50110.06.6
Stevens Point BreweryAmber Classic4.73161.010.9
Stevens Point BrewerySpecial Lager4.66151.09.0
Stevens Point BreweryThree Kings Ale4.90150.0
Stevens Point BreweryNude Beach5.17158.08.5
Stevens Point BreweryOktoberfest5.67182.013.5
Stevens Point BrewerySt. Benedicts Winter Ale6.20213.014.3
Stevens Point BreweryWhole Hog Raspberry Saison7.20270.016.0
Stevens Point BreweryWhole Hog Russian Imperial Stout8.60265.016.0
Stevens Point BreweryWhole Hog Six-Hop IPA8.50259.014.3
Stevens Point BreweryWhole Hog Pumpkin Ale7.50251.016.3
Stevens Point BreweryWhole Hog Barley Wine Style Ale10.20280.018.0
Summit Brewing CompanyExtra Pale Ale5.20159.113.9
Summit Brewing CompanyPilsener4.80144.312.4
Summit Brewing CompanyIndia Pale Ale6.40187.814.8
Summit Brewing CompanyGreat Northern Porter5.60177.416.2
Summit Brewing CompanyHorizon Red Ale5.70178.716.0
Summit Brewing CompanyMaibock6.50204.418.1
Summit Brewing CompanyHefe Weizen4.80147.513.1
Summit Brewing CompanyOktoberfest7.30222.218.2
Summit Brewing CompanyWinter Ale6.10197.318.4
Summit Brewing CompanyOatmeal Stout5.10180.819.5
Summit Brewing CompanyDunkel Weizen6.00189.317.0
Summit Brewing CompanyBelgian Style Golden Ale8.60258.220.0
Summit Brewing CompanyImperial Pumpkin Porter7.50235.520.3
Summit Brewing CompanyHoneymoon Saison5.30158.713.3
Summit Brewing CompanyKolsch4.70152.814.8
Summit Brewing Company90/- Scottish Ale7.00228.521.2
Summit Brewing CompanyIndian Style Red Ale6.30188.215.3
Sun King BrewingSunlight Cream Ale5.30179.0
Sun King BrewingWee Mac5.30207.0
Sun King BrewingOsiris Pale Ale5.60215.0
Surf BreweryMondo’s Cream Ale5.50191.119.9
Surf BrewerySurfer’s Point Vienna Lager4.50169.819.8
Surf BreweryStrawberry Wahine American Wheat5.00159.815.0
Surf BreweryShaka XPA Extra Pale Ale4.75152.614.6
Surf BreweryCounty Line Rye Pale Ale6.50204.418.1
Surf BrewerySurf Black IPA6.50221.622.1
Surf BreweryOil Piers Porter5.30200.323.1
Surf BrewerySouth Swell Double IPA8.50267.722.6
Surf Brewery1st Anniversary Imperial Brown9.50264.116.8
Surly Brewing CompanyFurious6.50204.418.1
Surly Brewing CompanyBender5.50191.119.9
Surly Brewing CompanyCoffee Bender5.50191.119.9
Surly Brewing CompanyCynic6.60187.113.6
Surly Brewing CompanyAbrasive8.80275.722.9
Surly Brewing CompanySurlyFest6.00197.719.0
Surly Brewing CompanyHell4.50161.617.9
Surly Brewing CompanyBitter Brewer4.10123.110.7
Surly Brewing CompanyDarkness9.80460.958.6
Surly Brewing CompanySmoke8.30277.525.8
Surly Brewing CompanyMild4.00131.313.1
Surly Brewing CompanySchadenfreude4.80177.020.1
Surly Brewing CompanyWet7.50235.520.3
Surly Brewing CompanyOne8.30403.354.0
Surly Brewing CompanyTwo8.30250.319.7
Surly Brewing CompanyThree8.30403.354.0
Swamp Head BreweryWild Night Honey Cream Ale5.90189.617.6
Swamp Head BreweryCottonmouth Belgian Wheat Bier5.00151.713.1
Swamp Head BreweryStump Knocker American Pale Ale5.60174.015.5
Swamp Head BreweryMidnight Oil Oatmeal Coffee Stout5.00184.520.8
Swamp Head BreweryBig Nose American IPA7.30245.023.4
Swamp Head BreweryHoggetown Irish Red6.50174.911.3
Swamp Head BrewerySpringboard Blonde Ale5.70157.211.1
Swamp Head BreweryHoe Hoe Hoe6.50230.324.1
Swamp Head BrewerySaison du Swamp7.60205.513.0
Swamp Head BreweryDarkwater Floridian Dark Ale6.50204.418.1
Swamp Head BreweryLoblolly Oatmeal Stout5.00184.520.8
Swamp Head BrewerySmoke Signal Smoked Porter6.90246.525.8
Swamp Head BreweryChipotle Smoke Signal Chipotle Smoked Porter6.90246.525.8
Telegraph Brewing CompanyCalifornia Ale6.20197.117.9
Telegraph Brewing CompanyStock Porter5.70187.018.0
Telegraph Brewing CompanyWhite Ale4.50144.713.9
Telegraph Brewing CompanyReserve Wheat Ale5.00158.314.7
Telegraph Brewing CompanyRhinoceros10.00318.426.3
Telegraph Brewing CompanyGypsy Ale8.00222.514.9
Telegraph Brewing CompanyCerveza de Fiesta5.00166.116.5
Telegraph Brewing CompanyWinter Ale6.50211.919.8
Telegraph Brewing CompanyObscura Arborea9.00263.619.2
Telegraph Brewing CompanyPetit Obscura3.70113.310.3
Terrapin Beer CompanyRye Pale Ale5.50179.417.2
Terrapin Beer CompanyHopsecutioner IPA7.30223.918.6
Terrapin Beer CompanyGolden Ale5.30162.014.1
Terrapin Beer CompanyEasy Rider4.50145.414.1
Terrapin Beer CompanyPumpkin Fest6.10197.318.4
Terrapin Beer CompanyMoo-Hoo6.00235.727.8
Terrapin Beer CompanyHop Karma6.00207.921.4
Terrapin Beer CompanyHopzilla Imperial IPA10.70321.824.0
Terrapin Beer CompanyMonk’s Revenge9.80276.418.8
Terrapin Beer CompanyBig Hoppy Monster8.75309.430.6
Terrapin Beer CompanyWake ‘N’ Bake8.60300.529.4
Terrapin Beer CompanySide Project Volume 14 Tomfoolery7.40204.713.9
Terrapin Beer CompanySide Project Volume 17 Samurai Krunkles7.10228.120.6
Terrapin Beer CompanySide Project Volume 15 Indiana Krunkles6.70215.116.4
Terrapin Beer CompanySide Project Volume 13 Big Daddy Vlady’s10.25367.832.5
Terrapin Beer CompanySide Project Volume 11 Book Shakalager9.00275.122.0
Terrapin Beer CompanySide Project Volume 10 Capt’n Krunkles7.50240.621.3
Terrapin Beer CompanySide Project Volume 9 The Dark Side8.50301.430.9
Terrapin Beer CompanySide Project Volume 7 Maggie’s Farmhouse Ale6.00201.119.8
Terrapin Beer CompanySide Project Volume 6 90 Shelling7.30270.629.8
Terrapin Beer CompanySide Project Volume 4 Dos Cocoas5.80200.220.6
Terrapin Beer CompanySide Project Volume 3 Gamma Ray11.00326.623.6
Terrapin Beer CompanySide Project Volume 2 RoggenRauchBier5.70190.519.0
Terrapin Beer CompanySide Project Volume 1 Hop Shortage6.20200.318.6
The People’s PintNatural Blonde Ale4.60159.817.0
The People’s PintFarmer Brown5.40207.924.3
The People’s PintPied Piper IPA5.70206.822.6
The People’s PintProvider Pale Ale5.20177.118.1
The People’s PintOatmeal Stout5.10193.222.4
The People’s PintHope Street Amber5.10193.222.4
The People’s PintFarmhand Saison4.50160.217.6
The People’s PintZeus IPA6.50280.935.7
The Wrecking Bar BrewpubHale Street Hefeweizen5.50176.016.4
The Wrecking Bar BrewpubJemmy American Stout7.00202.115.1
The Wrecking Bar BrewpubKolquittsch5.00154.413.8
The Wrecking Bar BrewpubThe Victor IPA7.30233.120.7
The Wrecking Bar BrewpubAtlanta Amber5.30168.915.7
The Wrecking Bar BrewpubSauvation Pale Ale5.30168.915.7
The Wrecking Bar BrewpubStifler’s Cream Ale4.80139.811.3
The Wrecking Bar BrewpubRyezing Sun Saison7.70203.512.1
Thirsty Bear Brewing CompanyBrown Bear Ale6.30196.617.3
Thirsty Bear Brewing CompanyGolden Vanilla4.50145.414.1
Thirsty Bear Brewing CompanyHoward Street IPA7.00246.125.2
Thirsty Bear Brewing CompanyKozlov Stout6.30196.617.3
Thirsty Bear Brewing CompanyMeyer ESB6.40204.818.7
Thirsty Bear Brewing CompanyPolar Bear Pilsner5.70182.016.8
Thirsty Bear Brewing CompanyValencia Wheat5.00159.815.0
Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanyOrthus Belgian Dubbel7.00226.820.8
Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanyCerberus Belgian Tripel10.00339.430.9
Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanyHoppus Maximus5.90181.315.7
Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanyLabrador Lager6.00189.317.0
Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanyOld Leghumper6.70203.716.9
Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanyRaspberry Ale3.90112.89.2
Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanyTwisted Kilt5.00184.620.9
Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanyIrish Setter Red5.90179.615.3
Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanySiberian Night9.70378.140.9
Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanyStud Service Stout3.10126.716.4
Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanyMug Ale3.90112.89.2
Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanyWhippet Wheat5.20159.113.9
Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanyMaibark6.50239.126.1
Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanyBarktoberfest6.00223.425.0
Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanyPumpkin Ale5.00184.620.9
Thirsty Dog Brewing Company12 Dogs of Christmas8.30259.321.7
Thomas Hooker Ales & LagersAmerican Pale Ale5.30171.017.0
Thomas Hooker Ales & LagersBlonde Ale5.10165.017.0
Thomas Hooker Ales & LagersChocolate Truffle Stout5.90233.027.0
Thomas Hooker Ales & LagersHop Meadow IPA6.40208.021.0
Thomas Hooker Ales & LagersImperial Porter8.10275.029.0
Thomas Hooker Ales & LagersIrish Red4.90172.019.0
Thomas Hooker Ales & LagersLiberator Doppelbock8.10275.029.0
Thomas Hooker Ales & LagersMunich-Style5.20164.016.0
Thomas Hooker Ales & LagersOld Marley Barleywine10.00336.034.0
Thomas Hooker Ales & LagersOctoberfest5.70192.020.0
Thomas Hooker Ales & LagersNor’Easter Winter Lager5.70192.020.0
Thomas Hooker Ales & LagersWatermelon Ale5.10165.017.0
Three Monkeys Brewing CompanyGold Monkey IPA6.50195.916.1
Three Monkeys Brewing CompanyTres Vaqueros Amber Ale5.50184.418.4
Three Monkeys Brewing CompanyBrown Barrel Ale5.80198.420.2
Three Monkeys Brewing CompanyRed Monkey Irish-Style Ale6.00206.221.0
Three Monkeys Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale Ale5.60187.418.6
Three Monkeys Brewing CompanyYosemite Fall IPA6.50227.923.5
Track 7 Brewing CompanyAlkali Wit5.25157.413.3
Track 7 Brewing CompanyBee Line Blonde5.25165.215.1
Track 7 Brewing CompanyBig 4 Strong Ale10.00318.426.3
Track 7 Brewing CompanyDaylight Amber6.25208.820.3
Track 7 Brewing CompanySoulman Stout6.50223.922.6
Trumer Brauerei BerkeleyPils4.90151.312.5
UplandUpland Wheat Ale4.50145.414.1
UplandDragonfly IPA6.50213.020.1
UplandHelios Ale4.90158.515.2
UplandBad Elmer’s Porter5.00184.620.9
UplandPreservation Pilsner5.20167.215.8
UplandRad Red Amber Ale5.60190.719.3
UplandDouble Dragonfly Imperial IPA9.10321.531.5
UplandSchwarz Black Lager5.30158.713.3
UplandLightwave Belgian Pale5.30176.817.6
UplandArd Ri Imperial Red Ale9.30311.228.3
UplandInfinite Wisdon Tripel9.00267.720.1
UplandNut Hugger Brown Ale6.20200.418.6
UplandValley Weizen5.30175.117.2
UplandOktoberfest Lager6.50218.121.3
UplandTeddy Bear Kisses10.20406.844.6
UplandKomodo Dragonfly Black IPA6.50213.020.1
UplandWinter Warmer Barley Wine8.50293.428.3
UplandBadder Elmer’s Baltic Porter6.60251.128.3
UplandBanshee Strong Scotch Ale7.90264.424.8
Valley Brewing CompanyIPA7.80247.121.9
Valley Brewing CompanyUberhoppy Imperial IPA9.50284.123.5
Valley Brewing CompanyLuna Blanca Central Valley Golden Ale5.80188.317.7
Valley Brewing CompanyLondon Tavern English-Style Dark Mild5.80188.317.7
Van Houzen Brewing CompanyThe Professor’s Double IPA8.00287.829.6
Van Houzen Brewing CompanySacrifish American Tripel9.00321.832.1
Van Houzen Brewing CompanySymphoney Imperial Double Chocolate Stout10.00357.134.8
Van Houzen Brewing CompanyThree-Toed Dog Robust Belgian White Ale8.50304.730.9
Wallace BrewingRed Light Honey Wheat4.10192.927.3
Wallace BrewingDirty Blonde4.50187.524.0
Wallace BrewingJackleg Stout4.02165.821.2
Wallace BrewingHoney’s4.20184.724.8
Wallace BrewingVindicator IPA6.98275.031.9
Watch City Brewing CompanyPie-Eyed Pumpkin Ale5.20181.019.0
Watch City Brewing CompanyShillelagh Irish Red Nitro Ale4.80166.817.7
Watch City Brewing CompanyHops Explosion IPA6.40208.219.5
Watch City Brewing CompanyBombed Blondeshelle Belgian Tripel9.40150.3-7.9
Weasel Boy Brewing CompanyBrown Stoat Stout6.20205.519.8
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanySpiced IPA7.00219.819.2
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyW’12 Dark Saison5.50153.911.2
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyLemongrass Wheat Ale9.00284.223.8
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyBarrel Aged Brrrbon ’119.50288.022.1
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyO’Ryely IPA6.40204.818.7
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyFalconer’s IPA7.00202.615.2
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyNelson Imperial IPA8.60304.330.3
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyDrifter Pale Ale5.70187.018.0
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyDrop Top Amber Ale5.30175.117.2
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyHefeweizen4.90156.114.7
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyX-114 IPA6.20193.617.1
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyCitra Blonde Summer Brew4.30136.612.9
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyPitch Black IPA6.50221.622.1
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyGalaxy Hopped Barleywine9.50286.121.7
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyOkto Festival Ale5.30183.419.1
Widmer Brothers Brewing CompanyBrrr Seasonal Ale7.20236.622.0
Woodstock Brewing CompanyIPA8.50268.521.3
Woodstock Brewing CompanyPilsner5.40148.214.3
Worth Brewing CompanyField Trip IPA6.50207.918.9
Worth Brewing CompanyBrown Ale4.70175.020.1
Worth Brewing CompanyDillon Clock Stopper4.50148.614.8
Worth Brewing CompanySunderland English Mild3.50133.016.0
Worth Brewing CompanyOatmeal Stout5.70202.921.7
Worth Brewing CompanyVienna Lager5.10169.616.9
Worth Brewing CompanyBishopweizen Bavarian Heffe Weizen4.90166.517.1
Worth Brewing CompanyQueen’s Pride Honey Lager5.25165.215.1
Worth Brewing CompanyHerminator Dunkelweizenbock8.50281.925.8
Worth Brewing CompanyBar Belle Blonde Ale9.00267.720.1
Worth Brewing CompanyMr. Chesterfield’s Warmer6.20213.021.5
Worth Brewing CompanyFive Seasons Cherry Elixer6.00201.819.9

How We Calculate Beer Calories and Carbs

Calories in beer come from two primary sources: alcohol and carbs, thus to determine the number of calories in a specific beer we simply need to know these two things. Alcohol is always provided, and we can often determine carbs in beer using other information provided by breweries. Check out the calculations page for more details.