Kona Brewing Company

Calories in Kona Brewing Company Beers


Kona Brewing CompanyLongboard Lager4.60177.721.2
Kona Brewing CompanyFire Rock Pale Ale5.90189.617.6
Kona Brewing CompanyPipeline Porter5.30183.419.1
Kona Brewing CompanyBig Wave Golden Ale5.30166.915.2
Kona Brewing CompanyWailua Wheat Ale5.40158.312.8
Kona Brewing CompanyKoko Brown5.50179.417.2
Kona Brewing CompanyDuke’s Blonde Ale5.00151.713.1
Kona Brewing CompanyBlack Sand Porter6.50204.418.1
Kona Brewing CompanyCastaway IPA7.00219.819.2
Kona Brewing CompanyHula Hefeweizen5.40171.515.8
Kona Brewing CompanyLavaman Red Ale5.60182.317.4



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